Saturday, September 29, 2012

Craft Book Month Entry: Under the Wire

Craft Book Month at Craft Buds

Have you been following Craft Book Month over at Craft Buds? It's been a month of bloggers showing off projects they've made from craft books. Simple yet inspiring!

Circumstances conspired with me this evening: Husband and Daughter are at a Vancouver Whitecaps FC game so I had time to sew; I had Zakka Style on loan from my local library because I'd *just* told Debbie A Quilter's Table about how much her beautiful projects in the Zakka Style Sew Along had inspired me; and the Craft Book Month link-up ends tomorrow. What's a girl to do but sew?

zakka style

Truth be told, I was a little "meh" on some of the projects in this book but the Zakka Sew Along really changed my mind.

To get my feet wet, I chose a simple project, the Patchwork Pencil Case designed by Shannon Dréval of Petits Détails.

zakka pencil case inside

It's made entirely from scraps. The blue lineny fabric scraps are from IKEA curtains that a friend shortened - she passed the fabric to me because she thought I might have a use for it.

zakka pencil case

I did! This was really just my tester (made a boo boo by accidentally skipping a step) but I will make another one for a friend to hold her crochet hooks. Probably won't use that IKEA fabric again - the weave is a bit too loose. I still like it, though!

Do check out the other entries over at Craft Buds - there's a LOT of eye candy, from clothing to quilts to small items like this one. Enjoy!


  1. This is lovely Felicity - I made one to keep my rotary cutter in.

  2. It's a cute case. I have the book but did nothing. I'd like to try linen with some projects .

  3. Really cute! I love the fabrics you used. That book also didn't appeal to me much until the sew along, but now I've got quite a few things I'd love to make (including the pencil case). Yay for the free time too! Sounds like a great Saturday night :)

  4. oh how fun! Glad I could inspire of course - ha! And I love your version. The weave may be loose on that IKEA project but it sure gives a great look!

  5. Agreed, the sewalong definitely got me seeing the projects in a different light. I made several of these little pencil cases (I widened them a tad to fit a rotary cutter) and my mom uses hers for her reading glasses. I really want to make the leaf messenger bag!

  6. Looks great! I've been waiting for our library to get that book so I can check it out, but I may not be able to wait much longer...

  7. such a cute case. the perfect design for crochet hooks eh?

  8. This is really cute. The IKEA fabric looks great with your scraps!


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