Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Summer: busier than every other season - amirite?

This past week has been consumed with Christmas in July stitching. That's all done and the post is ready to go live on the 26th so on to new sewing.

I taught my first workshop this past weekend, and we had a lovely time. I stitched along with the workshop participants so I could demonstrate each step. I finished this quilt top, thereby increasing my WIP list (oopsie!):

It's going to be another charity quilt and it is going to be quick to finish, so I'm not too concerned. Plus, it was fun!

So as I said on Facebook, "I fought my serger and I WON!" The threading was giving me some grief, but I persevered and stitched up this cute skirt for G out of some jersey I had laying around.

circle skirt

Lettuce edge fanciness:
lettuce edge closeup

I googled "circle skirt" and went from there - you basically cut a donut whose inner circle is your kid's waist size and add a waistband made of a rectangle stitched along the short ends then folded in half. I used the serger for everything. Easy peasy (once the serger behaved, that is). 

Not much else to report, but I am pleased with my progress given that the sun is here, and the livin' is easy(ish). I say "ish" because keeping a 4½-year old entertained is surprisingly difficult. Or maybe it's just *my* 4½-year old. Same diff.

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  1. Love that circle skirt, so cute!!! And yay for finishing your Christmas in July project and teaching your first workshop, so exciting!!

  2. Yay for that quilt top and the skirt, Felicity! I hear you about keeping kids entertained.

  3. Sweet skirt! My grandmother gave me her serger, but I have yet to beat it into submission. Actually, I'm afraid to touch it!

  4. Man oh man, summer has been busy so far. I don't know why I thought it'd be relaxing.....
    I love the skirt you made! I will try the method you used and see if I can't turn something cute out!

  5. Pretty cool you are teaching!!

  6. I'm so impressed that you were able to teach your first workshop and complete that quilt top at the same time! You were completely available to your students during the workshop and managed to come out of it with a happy class and a finished quilt top. Congrats!

    Cute skirt and good for you for conquering the serger! Looking forward to your Christmas in July project.

  7. The colour combo you chose for the quilt is totally awesome, love the chartreuse. And the skirt is darling.

  8. I love the skirt--it's super cute. I agree that 4 1/2 is a high energy, very challenging age. I don't think it's just you. My 4 1/2 year old nephew has learned to say, "I'm bored" and imply that nothing will entertain him except the television.

  9. That circle skirt is adorable! I need to make one for Charlotte. First I have to become friends with my serger, which has been sitting on the table next to my sewing machine for 1 1/2 years, never plugged in yet! (Imagine how happy hubby is about THAT! especially since I told him it was imperative that I have a serger!!). Oops. Oh, and I know your Christmas in July pillow is posted in another post, and I'm kind of back in time here, but it is totally awesome!


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