Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Felicities

Today's felicity is a Feature! The Needle and Thread Network is a blog that features Canadian fibre artists and creative stitchers or sewists via a weekly linky and regular Friday Features.

Today's my Friday! Come on over and check it out!

Since sending in my information for the feature, I've been pondering what else you might not yet know about me.
Don't I look happy with my Kona Solids charm pack? (Photo by Sonja Callaghan)

Keeping with the F theme (Friday, Felicities, Feature...) here are FIVE things that you may not know about me:

1. FOUR: the number of siblings I have (two of each), of which I am the eldest.
2. FRENCH: language in which I received 100% of my education up til Grade 8. I then went to a French Immersion high school and continued on to do my undergraduate degree in French Linguistics at Glendon College, the only bilingual post-secondary institutions in Ontario (so classified because every single student is required to take at least one course in French and English).
3. FIFTEEN: the number of years I've worked for my current employer, a Vancouver-based financial institution. Time flies!
4. FORTY: my age when my daughter was born. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to being an "older" mother.
5. FAVOURITE: food is anything Italian; colour is whatever my mood or current project dictates; drink is coffee or wine; music is dependent on the situation (I'm loving Coeur de Pirate right now); sound is ocean waves or a thunderstorm.

What you will see me doing a lot: laughing. Photo by Sonja.

Have a great weekend!


  1. now we know a little bit more about a Fun lady!

  2. Congratulations on being featured! I'm so jealous of people who attended school in another language/immersion schools. Awesome!

  3. Seeing your big smile made my Friday more felicitous for sure!

    (Will your daughter start kindergarten this year??)

  4. Fantastic!! That's neat that you grew up fluent in French! I grew up in Southern Louisiana, where Cajun French has all but disappeared. It was fun to listen to Cajun French radio stations, but I've forgotten most of what I learned growing up there...

  5. Fantastic (and fun) to learn more about you!

  6. You're so cute :). Nice to learn more about you!

  7. Aw, cute post! I look forward to some laughs with you tomorrow! I can't wait to share Paul's pouch story with the gals. OMG!


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