Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Felicities

I have a couple Felicities to share this week.

First, my Dad is visiting! G has some Papa John time and I get to indulge in a favourite pastime that I don't really have much time for anymore: seeing movies. Dad and I always see at least one movie when he visits. I wonder if he's up for the Hunger Games?

Second, Tracey is doing a linky to help us prioritize some goals for this month on her lovely blog Traceyjay Quilts. Just Three Things. I like it.

traceyjay quilts

My Three Things are:

1. Finish tutorial for the scrappy potholder.
2. Make a backing for the I Spy quilt.
3. Baste the I Spy quilt.

Totally doable!! Come and join in if you'd like. Just Three Things.

Have a lovely Easter if you celebrate it. Otherwise, enjoy your long weekend!


  1. You must see the Hunger Games. That's all. ;)

  2. have a wonderful visit with your dad!
    Just three things - that makes it really doable doesn't it - great idea!

  3. My husband and I always say that one of the things we miss most about our pre-child life is seeing movies whenever we want. Enjoy!


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