Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Felicities

I have a cold! That's not my Felicity, it's just an FYI.

My Felicity for this lovely Friday is....the library!

My stacked strips blocks got a lot of attention in my last post - most people agreed they looked like stacked books and I'm going with that theme. Books make me think of the library, because I don't buy many books at all. I read too quickly to make buying novels worthwhile, and most information I need for quilting is available online or at one of my very favourite places in the whole world: the library.

My library, Vancouver Public Library, is wonderful. A brand new community branch just opened up not far from where I live (thank you, 2010 Olympics infrastructure!), and I am fortunate to work not far from the main downtown branch.

Library Square - Main Library. image source: Wikipedia.

VPL has a program whereby you can request that they acquire a book for their collection. I am pretty sure the VMQG exec have been busy - new modern quilting titles are being added all the time.

Libraries are critical community resources, especially in tough economic times: they give people access to computers (for job searches), periodicals, research etc. etc. They can act as community hubs, learning centres,  and perhaps a safe warm place to rest. Support your local library!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hooray for the library! Mine isn't quite as grand as yours, but Luke and I still venture there weekly. I just got an email lettinge know Vanessa Christenson's book is ready for me to pick up!

  2. Wow, what a lovely library! I adore the library, we make regular pilgrimages over there, teaching the kiddo how awesome the library is. I still remember going to the library every Sunday with my dad and bringing home a big stack of books that I could barely carry. Makes me smile :) Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Hear hear! I love the library. Yours is amazing! Let me add that the library is a great place for those of us who work at home to getaway to for a change now and then.

  4. I'm with you in the library love. I'd be completely lost and broke without it! I have so many books on my waiting list, I sometimes have to return them before reading, and then re-request them!

  5. Yay for public libraries. Best ever!!!

  6. Great post! I love the VPL! And, yes, you found me out, I've been using "Suggest a Purchase" to ask the library to get all the modern quilting books I can think of! I've heard that the library staff really listen to those requests.

  7. Love the library although yours looks much fancier than mine! I spent most of my childhood visiting the library, I was a big reader. Unfortunately most of the quilting books in my library are from the 1980s, wish I could get them to order some modern ones.

  8. I agree! That's an awesome looking library, Felicity -- lucky Vancouverites! :)

  9. I love libraries too, yours is lovely.


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