Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I am discombobulated this week for some weird reason. Wednesday snuck up on me.

A short report because I....didn't really get much accomplished.

I made that pouch for my Nook that didn't fit, I pieced the Layer Cake version of my Easy Going Modern quilt so the top is ready to go (no photos owing to the fact that nighttime sewing + a large-ish quilt top = no photos yet), and I made a block for a group quilt that I neglected to photograph.

Oh wait! I did make something else. These angel potholders for our guild's potholder swap. They're for someone whose partner flaked - I offered to help out Krista (VMQG's swap organizer) by stepping in and making them for the poor FVMQG swapper who had made and sent her potholders but not yet received any in return. I really hope she likes them considering how long she's been waiting for them. I installed grommets in the corner of each one before sending. Another 100% stash project! Yay!

potholders front and back

potholder front

No change to the stats:

This Week's Stats

Completed Projects - 2 (the pouch wasn't on the list AND it was a fail but dagnabbit, I'm counting it anyway)
New Projects - 0
Currently in Progress - 10

I'm certain there's more fun happening over at Lee's and The Needle and Thread Network!


  1. Those potholders are too beautiful to use and they are in my favourite colours....:) Your nook pouch is very nice...too bad it didn't fit.

  2. i really like the word discombobulated. it sounds like it feels, and i feel discombobulated a lot of the time!

    you just reminded me that i need to e-mail you...

  3. the potholders are a "good thing"! they are so symetrical and very pleasing to my eyes. great work!

  4. I agree--discombobulated is a great word. Hope you get some daylight soon so you can get a photo of the later cake version!

  5. Thank you for your help with the potholders!!! I have the same 'what the heck am I doing?!" week. I seem to be puttering all around but not getting enough done - a symptom of a way too long TO DO list.

  6. very generous of you to make the potholders--they turned out really cute.

  7. Those are great potholders -- I'll bet that poor guild member is going be glad her partner flaked when she sees what you made her. Great job!

  8. Thanks so much for stepping up and making an extra set of lovely potholders for the swap! I'm sure the recipient will be happy to receive their potholders!

  9. The potholders are so pretty!! Thank you & Krista so much for being swap angels, our 2 FV recipients will be thrilled! (I know who they are and know they both are going to absolutely *love* what you guys did for them!)

  10. Hi Felicty,
    I am the poor FVMQG member who you made the potholders for. I LOVE THEM, they are awesome,and your quilting rocks.I also have always wanted to do the bento boc pattern.I finished my pot holders really early and yes, I was impatiently waiting for mine. I was so excited when yours arrived.
    Thanks so much. Yes, I am glad my partner flaked,these were so worth waiting for. I really like the grommets too, and am thrilled they are stash busters. Hope to meet you in March.


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