Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Felicities

What's making me happy today is that it appears one can, in fact, teach an old dog a new trick.

My troubles with Mr. Arkansas Traveler aside, I am actually quite comfortable with foundation paper piecing; I learned how in a class by Judy Niemeyer, whose foundation paper pieced patterns are absolutely amazing creations.

This week, while pattern testing for a friend and fellow VMQG member, I learned a new and - dare I say it - better way to approach the technique!

testing, testing

Want to know more? You're just going to have to buy Laurraine's pattern when it's ready to go! :)

Have a great weekend.


  1. You took a Judy Niemeyer class? You lucky girl! A million years ago, I did her diamond wedding ring quilt, which I loved, but gah! All those tiny pieces.
    I really need to look up the VMQG to see what time you meet. I don't know if I could make it from here, since I have to take a ferry home, but I'm going to check!!!

  2. i love her patterns! the crane? right? lucky girl. i am not a big fan of paper piecing--but i do love these.

  3. Oh you lucky tester you! I love that pattern. Her pillow is to die for.

  4. Your crane is looking lovely! Can't wait to see your finished version. Laurraine is such a talented gal - had never done any paper piecing and decided to design the crane pattern - with great success, and innovative ways to do it.

  5. Holy cow - beautiful job! Can't wait for that pattern...

  6. Your crane looks great! Happy Friday!

  7. So beautiful! I really want to try some paper piecing. I just need to try it and not worry about botching it before I even try.


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