Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday


Easy Going Modern is my big finish of last week. Still loving it!

Easy Going Modern

Working on the workshop part of it now - writing the pattern and directions. Holy moly what a lot of time that's taking. And not least because in order to describe my piecing technique, I had to make a small-scale mock-up of the quilt because the actual blocks are way too big to photograph in process.

My Patchwork Posse workshop goes from February 2 through 15th - click here to register!

Week 2 of WIP reporting and I'm already off-list. Whoops! Anyway, I made a gift bag for a VERY belated Christmas gift using Jeni's now-famous tutorial.

In fact, I liked the tutorial so much (and I am so very lazy and didn't want to have to figure out how to size it up or down), I went ahead and did something I rarely do anymore: I bought the pattern. It's an instant PDF download and it is delightful. Best $6.50 I've spent in a while.

New Projects

None this week.

No Progress
Mom's placemats (but I did enter the project in VMQG's UFO Challenge!)
Rainbow I Spy
Habitat Challenge Pillow Covers
Heather R memory quilt
Charity Quilt
Kaleidoscope (turning this into a leaders/enders project)
New Wave
Bee quilt (Jewel Squares)
Bee quilt (Circle of Geese)

This Week's Stats
Completed Projects - 1 planned, 1 unauthorized
New Projects - 0
Currently in Progress - 9

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  1. I adore your Easy Going Modern quilt, Felicity, it is really just so stunning :) Congratulations on the finish and the big workshop coming up, so exciting!

  2. I love the colour combination in your quilt! So awesome!

  3. I absolutely love your easy going modern quilt. It's just wonderful. And I adore how you quilted it - it suits the quilt perfectly!

  4. Love the quilt! I can't believe all the work involved in making a pattern. Wow!

  5. love love love your your Easy Going Modern quilt. WONDERFUL!!

  6. Nice modern quilt. Now you need to put it in a matching bag. LOL

  7. Great fabric you used for the bag. Your Modern quilt would look good in a number of different fabric combinations.

  8. woohoo - you know I love your quilt and that drawstring bag is so pretty!!

  9. I love that your finish is "unauthorized"- at least it's a finish - I just have unauthorized starts :)

  10. Your quilt is so amazing! I know I'm way behind on things--the workshop looks like a lot of fun!

    I know what you mean about Jeni's pattern. I almost bought it this morning, and then thought, "I can figure out all the different sizes myself." Then I remembered, "Oh yeah, that probably requires math." So buying the pattern I am!

  11. Your Easy going quilt is gorgeous!
    I bought Jeni's pattern as well after making one of the bags for my Mum :)

  12. Unauthorized... love it... I am wondering how you got through a week without starting something new...

  13. I'm sure that is a lot of work, but your wee Easy Going Modern is going to be so cute!

  14. What a great quilt!! And that bag will surely be well-used!

  15. Love your quilt, Felicity! The colours and design are so fabulously bold. Great job! I'm hosting TGIFF! this week. Why don't you link this up?

  16. "patchwork posse" is awesome! as is "1 unauthorized project". you are too funny :)

  17. I'm still loving Easy Going Modern too! And I'm going to have to try one of those drawstring bags, since it seems like every other person in blogland has made them except me! LOL. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  18. I love the quilt and would love to get a pattern if you make it available.

  19. This type of work is really loaded but when it complete than it look some different and extra ordinary work.I really impress by this pics.


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