Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I had two finishes last week. One, you've seen
Live A Colorful Life - Mini (front)

..and one, you'll have to wait for.  ;)

I am in full pre-school quilt mode now. I have three quilts to make - one for each of the morning and afternoon preschool classes, and one for the Kindergartners (the "Lunch Bunch" because they are at school all day). In my old age, I am actually beginning to learn NOT to bite off more than I can chew. That ripping sound you heard was the tear in the space-time continuum.

The quilts need to be completely done for the mid-December fundraiser, so I scaled back the design as well as the level of involvement from the kids, and here's what the Lunch Bunch quilt is going to look like:

preschool quilt sketch lunch bunch
I sew better than I draw, obviously!

When I go to the class, I'll have the quilt tops nearly done, so there will be some up front work, but I'd rather get it done early (do I have to turn in my Last Minute Club membership card?). Then when I'm in the class, the kids can choose a (pre-cut? we'll see) critter to represent them, and write their name on it with fabric markers. 

I LOVE the fabric-pulling part of planning a quilt, don't you? I pulled these to start:

Preschool Quilt Fabric pull

Greens for the stems and leaves, and the bottom row for the flowers and critters. The background is a cool word fabric I found in my stash (these quilts will be 100% stash quilts - yay me!) - can you see the alphabets on it? I thought that was a good thematic choice especially since it looks like the sky. I might still use that yellow on the far left of the bottom stack for a happy sun in the top corner. Depends how the mood moves me.

Other projects on the go:

  • AM/PM pre-school quilts: fabric pull imminent. I want all three quilt tops ready to go by the time I visit the class on October 17th.
  • Mom's placemats. I'll be using them to show the preschool kids how a quilt is made so the 6 of them need to be in varying stages of completion. October 17th.
  • Hallowe'en costume: The Child wants to be "a bird" - specifically, a penguin chick. Yes, chick. I talked her up to an actual penguin. Due October 31st.
  • Stash Trad Bee: October is the first month! I pulled fabrics (fun!) for Angela's gigantic Cracker Scraps (I keep wanting to call it Cracker Snaps?) block. In this bee, we sew from our stash, which saves a lot on postage. I like it! Must be in the mail by October 31st.
Stash Trad Fabric pull


  • Commission Quilt (family tree): will use the same design that I use for the AM/PM quilts (SMRT, that's me!). Due December 7th.
  • All 3 Preschool quilts 100% done by December 15th.
  • Placemats for my Mom. December 15th.
  • Memory Quilt for friend's daughter. Would like to get this done by Christmas. Might be too ambitious.

That seems like a lot, I know, but I have two (count 'em) TWO quilt retreats between now and then, one of which is 4 glorious days long. I'm feeling good about my chances.

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  1. Are you going to one of Krista's quilt retreats? If so, I'm totally envious. Your list of upcoming projects makes me, um, gulp. Oh, and that first quilt you posted? The.best.quilt.ever!

  2. Would you like to join us at http://www.tgiffriday.blogspot.com/ for your finish when you get there? Or would you like to host it when you do? :) http://www.tgiffriday.blogspot.com/

  3. Holy cow, you're so busy! I love the sketch for your preschool quilt, can't wait to see how those turn out! And your quilt for Cindy still makes my jaw drop, it's so cool :)

  4. Wow, that a busy schedule. Love the fabrics you've pulled. Planning is my favorite part too!

  5. Turning in the Last Minute Membership Card? Wow. I think I'll be holding on to mine for a while :)

  6. That is so cute!!!

    OMG your to do list... I think I started getting dizzy while reading. whew!
    Thanks for linking with the canucks this week too! ; ) Love having you there!
    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  7. uh, yes, you have alot going on! Great that you can share your love of quilting with the preschool!

  8. You have such fun ideas! Love the preschool quilt. It is going to be adorable.
    Have fun!

  9. That's a big list! I bet you can do it though. I'll cheer you on at the retreat! Woo hoo!

  10. Good luck with such a long list but it seems you are more than capable!

  11. That is quite a list- I look forward to seeing it all. Love your organization!

  12. Whew, that's a list! I can't wait to see how the preschool quilts come together. Such a fun idea. I wish I'd thought of that for my son's fundraiser! Maybe next year...

  13. Looks like you've got a lot of things going - all great projects. I agree- pulling fabric for a project is so much fun!

  14. I love that mini quilt and the preschool quilt plans look lovely and manageable, I look forward to progress shots!


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