Monday, October 31, 2011


By popular demand, I give you....PENGUIN!

my little penguin

Here's a better view of the tail:

penguin side view

As I said on Facebook - I'm guessing the ratio of hours spent making this to minutes spent trick or treating is approximately 1.5:1.

Worth every one - she loved it and looked fabulous!

Linking up to Manic Monday over at SewHappyGeek.


  1. I love it! So awesome. I'm pretty sure this entitles you to some sort of super crafty mom prize.

  2. What a cutie pie....she will enjoy using it for 'Dress UP" if I know little girls! High Five!!

  3. OMG! So cute!!! Great job, mama! : )

  4. Precious! Miss those days! snif.

  5. It was totally worth every minute just for the pictures, no?

  6. Oh! The egg, the egg!!!!! I just love her expression. Well done, momma penguin.

  7. FANtastic!! Did she do the penguin walk as well?

  8. LOL! Great costume! Your ratio is far better than mine... I probably came closer to 4:1-- but even so, I totally agree with you: it was definitely worth it!


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