Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Felicities #6

A couple of felicitous things today, friends!

1. My partner in the For the Love of Solids (FTLOS) received the package I sent and she is really happy with it! And that makes me happy. Here's the front of the pouch I made her. When I decided to put her initials on it, I was amused to see what they were, considering I'm a Canadian, eh?

For The Love of Solids pouch front
Elaine says she calls it her "Canadian/Initial pouch"

2. My local Modern Quilt Guild, the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild, met last night and I always, always come home from the meetings with my mind brimming with ideas and inspiration. There's a challenge, a potholder swap (with our neighbouring guild the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild) (ignore what I said about no more swaps, mmmkay? A couple potholders are not a big deal), and so many lovely quilts in Show and Tell each month. Seriously, I usually have trouble sleeping that night because I'm busy planning quilts. At this rate, I am going to have to live until I'm about 150 to get all my wish-list projects done.

Have a great weekend - be sure to stop by next week for a nice giveaway. Better yet, become a follower or subscribe to my RSS feed (HOW FANCY AM I???) so you know when I update the blog!


  1. look at you - barely home from the meeting and already blogging about it! Love your pouch, eh.
    I'm full of inspiration tonight, too! What was that you were working on tonight?

  2. Love the pouch! My initials are TJ...
    Some bloggers put pictures of the show and tell from their guild meetings.... gives you a few days of blog pictures, and us a peek.

  3. Loving these Friday Felicities! What a happy coincidence about your partner's initials, eh?

    I feel the same way about the VMQG meetings, I lie in bed dreaming up quilts. If only I had the time to actually make all of them!

  4. Awesome pouch! Love the EH :) I need a modern quilt guild in Winnipeg!

  5. ha! that's awesome. i've denied it for years, but secretly, i am patriotic - in a cbc-loving, canadian authors-obsessed and prairie-heart strings kind of way! (i'd much rather an "eh" pouch than a maple leaf pouch.)

    i am super impressed that you blogged so quickly after a meeting. i uploaded pictures the day after the FVMQG meeting, but have i done a blog post yet, a week and a half later? nope!

  6. Wow, the pouch is awesome! I love the personalization you added to it, great idea!

  7. I wish we had a MQG here. Alternatively I would like to attend yours. ( keeping my passport up to date just in case) I love every single thing you do!!


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