Monday, September 19, 2011


My High School BFF owns a quilt shop - cool eh?

Sew Sisters is having their annual Birthday Sale starting right now for online shoppers through to Midnight Tuesday night. 29% off all fabric (including $6.99/m clearance fabric!), all notions, all books and all kits! Flat rate shipping too - $9.99 in Canada and $12.99 to USA.

Judy stocks some Kona Solids, as well as some great colourways of Metro Living! And the Clearance Section always has some cool stuff.

So go help Judy celebrate her 29th (?) birthday! To my fabric-loving friends, I say only this: YOU'RE WELCOME!

(I'm not paid to advertise for Judy - I'm just a happy customer and a looooong time friend).


  1. Oh no, you dit ant. A sale, you say?

  2. A fabric sale..... oh no.... nononono... I shall resist looking... I can do it... uh... 29% off everything you say? Oh my... maybe just a peek...



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