Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Felicities #4

What's making me happy on this Friday is that I am a Bag Lady! Yes, you read right: a Bag Lady.

I've got a tutorial posted over at OCD: Obsessive Crafting Disorder for making this simple lined tote.

Bag Lady Tote

Bonus: there's a giveaway! See you there!


  1. great job on your post, love the fabrics you chose. I am such a bag lady it's crazy!

  2. I love the techniques you used! My fav is making the gusset on the bag bottom-I just learned that trick recently and i love it!!
    Fabulous tote!

  3. Hey there fellow bag lady! Nice work! I like your fabric choices too!

  4. You are a popular girl over at "my house." Lot of love for your tutorial! Great job on the pattern, so glad you joined in :)

  5. Great work, Felicity! Love the fabrics you chose and have fingers crossed that I win your bag (you could easily present it to me at the VMQG September meeting!)


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