Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Felicities #2

Today's Friday Felicities post is about Pinterest.

Pinterest is an online pinboard where you can save photos and links from the web that you want to share or return to later. I use it in two ways:
  1. Collecting and classifying online tutorials that I want to use or refer to later. I used to do this via bookmarks on my browser, but when I would look for the bookmark later, I ended up having to click through a bunch before I found the one I wanted. With Pinterest, I can "pin" the tutorial to my Tutorials board and have the photo there to remind me!
  2. Collecting inspiration, be it for quilting, my personal style revolution (more about that in a later post), or anything else my heart desires.
Like Twitter, you can follow other people, and they can follow you. What you pin gets shared with those following you and/or the board you pin it to.

Are you thinking, "Another online timewaster? I need that like a hole in the head!"? Well hear me out! It's like Flickr Favourites but for the whole web. AND you can categorize stuff so you can find it later. AND you can search for photos of things like colour combinations, shoes, hats, home decor etc. etc. etc.

You can also browse other peoples' boards for inspiration and discovery.

Wanna check it out? Here's where you can see my pinterest boards. If you want an invitation (I think it's still invite-only), email me at felicity DOT quilts AT gmail DOT com and I'll flip you one.


  1. Before I joined Pinterest I did think it was just another time-suck, but once I got on there, it has been such a great organizing tool. I will admit, the first week or so I spent way too much time browsing and pinning, but now I love finding inspirational sewing projects, recipes and other fun stuff. One thing it has opened my eyes about is my truly awful nonchalance about my style. After having three little kids, I rarely make time to get dressed up. Or dressed. I love seeing the outfits put together and pinned from polyvore and am trying to really make an effort to look that good. I have also discovered I am apparently obsessed with cardigans. But, yes, Pinterest is fabulous! Sorry for the ramble...

  2. You know I ♥ Pinterest! Now, how can we combine our style boards??? :)

  3. I'm loving Pinterest, have an invite but just haven't initiated the whole shebang! I spy my tree quilt on yours :)

  4. I haven't done Pinterest yet. I am worried about another time suck. Everyone is making me want to join though! I wanna hear more about this personal style revolution.

  5. I do love Pinterest. I have found some really great ideas on there and have organized all those ideas I've been bookmarking for months. I spend a lot of time on there initially, but don't find myself spending nearly as much time on there anymore because I have it all organized. It's so helpful--my favorite online tool next to Reader.

  6. Oh, shoot! I've been trying to avoid this, but I think my will is faltering...

  7. I'm a big fan of Pinterest, although can fall down a hole of pinning and looking at pretty pictures and forget to sew anything myself. Have you seen this
    I think it's a nice idea.

  8. I LOVE Pinterest! I use it the same way you (and several others) have mentioned: as visual bookmarks. It was a definite time investment up-front, but I barely spend any time with it anymore. It takes two seconds to pin something new, and it seriously saves time later on when I know I need inspiration for something. If only it had existed when I was planning my wedding!!

  9. I know! It's a great time suck. I am so glad it doesn't work that well on my ipad or I would even waste more time!


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