Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby's Got Back

The Kona Solids Challenge Quilt is backed and in the process of being quilted! To tide you over, here's a shot of the back. I love it so much, I am thinking of making a whole quilt just like this.

The whole thing, with my helper standing alongside:

Backing and Kiddo

And a closeup of the improv-pieced bit. I just used some leftover random scraps, sewed and trimmed. The grey is Kona Medium Gray, which I puffy-heart LOVE.

Backing Detail closeup


  1. Extremely cool, but I think you're a bit of a tease. More soon please!

  2. Show us more! Show us more! :)

  3. you are a big tease... but the girl is cute, so we'll forgive you. (so is that block)

  4. I can hardly wait to see it. Between watching hockey games and quilting I will get mine done by Thursday!


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