Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In which I share some Random Thoughts, an Update, and Something Funny My Kid Said

Random thoughts:
  • Blogger isn't letting me leave any comments on anyone's blog, so I can read and enjoy but I can't let you know I've read and enjoyed. Boo!
  • As of last night, the Vancouver Canucks will be playing for the Stanley Cup (hockey) - that's suuuper exciting for this city. When I stood on our upper deck last night, I could hear the cheering crowds by GM Place - it was fabulous!
  • Slight problem re: Stanley Cup. It may very well be a Boston/Vancouver final. My husband's a Boston fan (since the days of Bobby Orr), and my daughter is a Vancouver fan. Drama!
  • My Dad arrives for a week-long visit today, so I'm going to be scarce for that time. I've basted the Confetti Quilt so it's ready to be hand quilted during our many hours of sitting-down/chatting time.
The Funny Thing My Kid Said:

The scene begins with G ripping emitting a little fart (or as well call it, a toot).

Daddy: G______, what do you say when you toot?
Daddy (stifling laughter): I think you mean, "Excuse me."
G:  Excuse me, who cut the cheese?

In conclusion, fart jokes: never not funny. See you in a week or so.


  1. Hee hee hee! I tried that "what do you say" regarding a toot at our house, and the response I got was, "You're welcome for the toot!"

    Go, Canucks!!

    I am having the same Blogger issues, it wouldn't let me publish posts either. I figured out it had to do with internet explorer updates....have to browse using Firefox if I want to do anything on Blogger now :(

  2. Too funny :) Thanks for sharing, I needed that laugh today. And how strange about Blogger, boo on them! Blogger has been nothing but trouble lately, it seems, argh!

  3. Too funny! Enjoy your week. Go Canucks!

  4. Aren't fart jokes just the funniest! I've had major blogger headaches too and glad to be chatting with folks again. Have a great few days with your Paps Jxo

  5. toot (as we call them in my house as well) are the best. best.

  6. I have been a huge Canucks fan for 40 years and I have a family member who loves will be a fun time!

  7. You and Miss G are welcome to cheer for the WINNING team at my house anytime. Go Canucks!!! Have you watched "Canucks Rule" on YouTube? Hilarious. I love 'the stuff my kids said' stories. hehe. Enjoy your Dad's visit. Chatting and hand quilting sounds lovely...I really hope we get some sunshine!

  8. This has been cracking me up for two days now!
    Thanks for posting it...

  9. That's awesome! Sounds like little G is well trained! ;)


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