Monday, March 14, 2011

To Sash Or Not To Sash, That Is The Question

With apologies to Bill S. for the title, I have a dilemna (sic - my friend Anne and I always purposely mispronounce certain words, and dilemma/'dilemna' is one of them).

DQS10 with sashing - need advice please!

Or no sashing?

DQS10 no sashing - need advice please!

If I chose sashing, it would be narrow (say 3/4" finished) - Dear Jane style. The centre block is a surprise for no other reason than I love surprises (well, good ones anyway). For what it's worth, I'm leaning toward sashing. I think the blocks need a little breathing room around them.

Also (again): quilting suggestions? I have lovely lovely thread that matches the background blue. Stippling or something all-over doesn't seem right. A simple something in each block is what is currently speaking to me.


Edited: Flickr peeps FTW! I had a few suggestions for skinny sashing in a contrasting colour (such as black or grey) - I am using Kona Medium Gray and it looks FABOO!


  1. If you sash (I'm all for it) hows about a wee little setting square (4 of 'em) at the corners of the centre mystery block? Is there a colour that would work for that without being too distracting?

  2. I'm usually a huge fan of sashing, but I think this one could totally do without. I'm sure it will look great either way though!

  3. I like it best without the sashing, but it would look great either way. As for quilting... hmmm... not much help here I'm afraid. Maybe some outline quilting on each block in white?

  4. I vote for sashing. I think the blocks look better separated.

    I think it would be fun if you quilted each square in a different color. My favorite block is the purple one. :)

  5. I think skinny, skinny sashing would be great, just a little breathing room. These blocks and colors are so fun. I can't wait to see the center. Oh the suspense of it all...

  6. I agree, I think skinny sashing would look great. I just love all the different blocks that you've put together.

  7. I vote for a skinny sash too. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  8. for meee, it's "skinny" (SASH, i mean. Yeah, shh, I ain't so skinny. And, that's why I'm on the treadmill - as I type! lol)



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