Monday, March 28, 2011

DQS10 Complete!

There must be some kind of disruption in the Space - Time continuum because I, President of the Last Minute Club, have finished my DQS10 quilt and have it all set to mail - self-serve postage label affixed, even!! - TWO DAYS before the deadline.

I'm so very, very pleased with how this turned out.

Here's my process. I had envisioned a sampler in the ROYGBV progression:
DQS10 Sketch #1

Then I pulled fabrics:
dqs fabrics

You'll notice I didn't use all of them, nor did I follow my original plan of using some black/white fabrics.

Then I began piecing blocks:
DQS10 progress

I decided on a final arrangement - with a surprise centre block - and asked for feedback on the sashing, thinking only of the blue option.
DQS10 no sashing - need advice please!DQS10 with sashing - need advice please!

I got some GREAT advice and chose the Kona Medium Grey for a very skinny sashing (thank you Sonja for the great photo!!):

Quilted it all up. I used my walking foot and just used the seams as my guide. I marked the green block only so that I could follow those curves. Here it is, front:

DQS10 Finished!
Back (yes the label is on sideways - sue me):
DQS10 Back

Closeup of my favourite block:
DQS10 Quilting Closeup

And the label, using the logo for this round of the swap:
DQS10 label

I'm so happy with this finish, I'm linking up all over the freaking blogosphere! Get ready, One Thing One Week at Amy's Creative Side, {Sew} Modern Mondays at Canoe Ridge Creations, and Tuesday Fabric Story - you're all getting Felicity-bombed this week!

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  1. oh wow!! I want to be able to piece like that some day! I'm only on my first quilt! I hopped over from One Thing One Week, have a great day!

  2. How fab is this? Absolutely gorgeous finish, love the blocks and they work great together!

  3. Looks fabulous! All those tiny blocks and the colours. LOVE your quilt.

  4. Holy moly, this is SO awesome! I just love it!!! Your partner is so super lucky to be receiving this little stunner!!!

  5. That turned out awesome! The back looks so cool!

  6. Wonderful, just gorgeous! Someone is going to be one happy girl when she receives this in them mail!

    Congratulations on such a fantastic finish!

  7. I think any quilter would be lucky to get your quilt! I love it!

  8. I love it! The colors and different designs are fabulous!

  9. Bomb away! Really stunning and different!

  10. It turned out so great, I'm sure you're partner will be very happy!

  11. OK, this is just too darn cute for words! It is beautiful! Love it!

  12. This is wonderful! I love the colors and the blocks you chose. The center one is my favorite, as well. Great job.

  13. Totally faboo!!! Love it. Way to go Felicity. Being all done 2 days before deadline: priceless. Your partner better love this - it's just awesome!

  14. That's stunning. I love how you've done a different block design for each part. Wow. To me your quilt is something is inspirational and aspirational for beginning quilters like myself.

  15. Great quilting and I love your colour choices.

  16. AMAZING beautiful! Wonderful quilting! Thanks for linking up to Quilt Story!


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