Friday, February 25, 2011

Stash Augmentation + A Cautionary Tale

So....the fabric diet. Yeah, not doing so well on that. I did hold out for all of January and most of February, but the siren song of the sale area at the LQS where we had our weekend getaway was just impossible to resist.

To wit:

Would you be able to resist those hedgies? ME NEITHER! That green print above the birdies on lavender is something I like to call "the price of admission" - while I shopped, G was happily entertaining herself by filling her little shopping basket from the sale FQ bin, and that particular FQ was absolutely, positively going to be coming home with us. Considering how full her basket was, I think I got off easy!

That dark brown print is Quilter's Linen - I've been interested in giving it a try. There is also some Amy Butler, Michael Miller, Sheri Berry...and some others.

I have been augmenting my stash in a different way as well - fabric swaps! Just look at this lovely swap package that arrived today:

Modern Meadow, Kaffe Fassett and that awesome woodgrain print that all the cool kids are using.

Here's the cautionary tale part of this post. Kids, when you send anything involving fabric, ALWAYS enclose it in a zip-lock or other sealed bag in case this happens:

YIKES, right? Imagine if the fabric had been loose in there - major disaster potential! Thankfully, my swapping partner Jennifer used a ziplock and everything was fine. I always put my item in a zip lock and put the destination name and address inside the bag in case it gets separated from the envelope.

Does the concept of fabric swapping intrigue you but you don't know where to start or what to do? Have no fear! I'll be doing a post that's a quick how-to on swapping. Stay tuned, dear readers!


  1. I loved "all the cool kids are using". Looking forward to your swapping post - I haven't dipped my toe in that water yet but of course am tempted, especially seeing the beauties you got your hands on.

  2. Love the hedgehogs!! For almost 2 months and that is all you have bought? I'd say you did very well.

    I am also intrigued by the fabric swapping. Can't wait for that update.

  3. Oh yes please tell me how to swap my fabric! I love your new aquisitions, and now you're one of those cool kids, too!

  4. I only just figured out what ISO stands for in fabric shopping lingo. More details, please.

  5. You did better than me on holding out. How can anyone resist such cute fabrics.


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