Saturday, February 26, 2011

Don't Hate Me...

...because I'm on the inaugural VMQG retreat organized by the awesome, lovely and talented Krista.

I've been on one of Krista's retreats before, and let me tell you: they're perfect. Why? Let me count the ways:
  • one day only, so no need to negotiate an overnight hall pass;
  • far enough away that it seems like you've gone away but really only about 45 minutes from home;
  • lovely large room with many windows looking out onto classic Pacific Northwest scenery;
  • 13 glorious hours of uninterrupted sewing/kibbitzing/etc.;
  • deeeeelicious food;
  • wonderful music (I discovered Stacey Kent as I listened to the wonderful playlist Krista's hubs put together. Haven't heard of Stacey Kent? Click the video below and prepare to be smitten, and to have some serious hair envy or maybe that's just me);
  • door prizes and show & tell (come on, admit it - that's the best part of a guild meeting, isn't it?).
While I'm sure your Saturday can't possibly be as awesome as mine, I do wish you a good one. Now listen to some Stacey Kent:


  1. I am SO jealous : ) sounds fantastic!!!

  2. Ooooh, I'm jealous! We had a craft day a few weeks ago, but it was only 8 hours and I didn't get much done. :(
    Although today will end on a fabulous note when I go get Matt from the airport!!!! He's home for at least 2 weeks, or so he says.

    And yes, I now have hair envy!! I chopped my hair into a pixie 2 summers ago, and I never liked it. So I'm in the long process of growing it out. That video makes me want to 1. chop my hair again, and 2. learn french.

    Have fun!

  3. sounds so fun!

    I'm envious, but I won't hate you. :)

  4. I AM JEALOUS - I don't hate you but I am jealous and wish I could be there too - ooooh weird, I said the same as TJ!

  5. I'm loving the Stacey Kent! We are in the midst of our annual Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg, so this is right on the money.

    Hope you are having FUN FUN FUN!

  6. Eee! I've got my own retreat next weekend. Me & 20 amazing ladies. Two of them cook for the rest of us, and we get 2 nights and 2 full days of non-stop laughter, heckling, and project time. It's divine. And now that I'm all excited I may lose a couple hours of sleep trying to calm myself down.

    I hope you had a fantastic time!

  7. Stop it! You're making me blush! No really, stop it (maybe). It was fab to hang with you all day Felicity. No need for you to have hair envy, b/c your doo is super stylie. Glad you navigated those snowy roads safely last night.

    "Awesome, lovely and talented" (your 20 bucks is in the mail, thanks pal).


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