Monday, February 28, 2011

Retreat Report

Imagine you're planning to go on an all-day quilt retreat. It goes from 9 am to 10 pm, meals, snacks, coffee/tea/juice are provided. You'll have your own banquet table workspace, plus access to a big table for basting and raised tables for comfortable cutting. Now. Here's the question: how much sewing/quilting do you think you will accomplish in those 13 hours?

Here's my list of projects that I brought along (vaguely thinking I would get most of them mostly (if not completely) done). I've indicated the project's status so you can get an idea of where I sat with them as I packed them up:
  1. Drunk Love in a Log Cabin-style Bee Blocks (2) for Nicole in the Maple Leaf Bee (fabric still in mailing envelope);
  2. Christmas Tree Skirt ties to be finished off (raw edges needed to be folded in and ties finished with a topstitch);
  3. DQS10 quilt (fabric pulled, blocks chosen, one (of 9) blocks pieced);
  4. That Girl That Quilt Along quilt (all cut out with 1 row (of 8) of blocks already pieced);
  5. New Wave Quilt (all cut out);
  6. Memory quilt for my BFF's daughter (fabric pulled (but not cut), and pattern chosen).
Here's what I actually accomplished:

1. The Bee Blocks.
MLB Blocks for Nicole

Bee Blocks

2. The Tree Skirt ties (took literally 5 minutes - I couldn't find time to do that before Christmas??? Ugh.)

3. Four DQS10 blocks.

DQS10 progress
4 more (6½") DQS10 blocks

4. 1 full and 1 partial row of Quilt Along blocks (sorry for the terrible photo). 

QAL blocks
More QAL blocks - bottom row is missing some frames

As usual, my eyes were bigger than my stomach, quilting-wise. Thirteen hours seems like such a long time!! I felt like I should have walked out with ALL of my stuff done! 

Oh well. The best part of it all wasn't what I got sewn, it was who I got to spend the day with:
Flickr Friends on Retreat
Flickr Friends on Retreat

While I wasn't as productive as I (admittedly delusionally) hoped, I had tons of fun and got a little sewing done, too. I'd call that a success.


  1. I'd say that was extremely productive!!! I also want to point out that obviously quilting is not doing anything for our collective eyesight!! 9 Flickr'ers in the photo. 9 pairs of glasses!!!

  2. I don't think we ever get as much done as we would like but I think you got a TON done and all of it lovely!

  3. Haha I always do the same thing... but if you don't aim high then you won't know what you're capable of. It all looks lovely! xx

  4. I'm very impressed with how much you got done! At the six-hour-long sew-in, I did a bunch of cutting and then only finished ONE 12" block. It was just too fun to chat and see what everyone else was working on!


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