Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Neeeeew Cameraaaaaa!

Imagine that title as said by the announcer on The Price is Right. That's how excited I am about my new toy.

It has a macro setting, people! I can do decent closeups now! And it's 10 megapixels! And it was only $85 US! And it is really light and fun and oh I am happy.

My first photos (after some weird closeups of placemats and various/sundry household items because they were there) are of some Bee blocks.

Lauree from my Sew Buzzy bee is making a no-triangle zig zag quilt (like the one I'm planning for my Quilt Hope In project). I was excited to get to try out the technique, and to use shot cottons. Beautiful! She just wanted us to sew the strips and cut the blocks so here is my stack. A couple of the seams got weird despite my best efforts. I actually detest strip piecing for this reason. I have a serious struggle keeping my seams even and straight - I know, what kind of a quilter am I, right? Oh well....
for locodowo sew buzzy

Plus a gratuitous closeup because I could. I know it's a little out of focus. Maybe I should read my instruction booklet? Naaaah. What's the fun in that??


  1. Oh I have been wondering how those quilts are pieced! I have to try one of those. (love shot cottons, i have been looking for them, i want to see them in person before I buy...)
    And yay for the new camera! We got a dSLR when i broke our last camera, but it's so hard to use properly and i have no ambition to take the time to learn... I think we need another basic point and shoot! :)

  2. I bought a lovely bundle of cottons shot with black for a quilt for my Mum - they really glisten don't they - gorgeous and Happy New Camera!

  3. I made a no-triangle zigzag quilt using that tutorial... and it turned out beautifully. Can't wait to see yours!

  4. Oooh yay for a new camera!! I'm hanging out for one too although I really want a new slr. Have fun with it :)
    And I must give that no triangle zig zag method a go...

  5. Congratulations on your latest purchase. Now you need a tripod to go with it, because taking macro shots in low light with no flash requires a super steady camera!! p.s. seams look pretty good from over here on N.Van.

  6. Ooooh... how fun to have a new camera! Congrats!

    Jennifer :)


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