Monday, February 21, 2011

It's My Month For Bees

I'm honestly not sure whether choosing March as my month for two different virtual quilt bees was brilliant or....not so brilliant.

The Case for Brilliant
  • only have to get fabric out and press/cut/fold/package up once;
  • everyone's making the same blocks for me so get it done all at once so I can get started on my blocks sooner;
  • only have to get fabric out and press/cut/fold/package up once (I know I already listed this but it's a big deal when you're lazy pressed for time like me).
The Case for Boneheaded
  • have to press/cut/package fabric for 16 people (!!);
  • kind of sending fabric out blind, not knowing if it's enough or too much since I haven't made a test block or gotten feedback from anyone yet (see next point as to why that is);
  • having a lot to do in the same week is not advisable for me, The President of the Last Minute Club, who was also away this past weekend, and very sick for the last few weeks;
  • I'd much rather be packing up my projects and dreaming about all the stuff I'm going to get done at my quilt retreat this weekend, so I'm pouting a little as I make my packages.

Well, there you have it. I think it's a draw.

Here is the fabric I've cut so far for one of my bees (my peeps in The Maple Leaf Bee will be making me two blocks each). It's Spa by Rosemarie Lavin, with a little Anna Griffin, Denyse Schmidt and Kona White mixed in for good measure, and I love how it looks in our bedroom. Handy, that, given that this quilt will be for our bed! I'm not altogether idiotic, you know. Just partly mostly somewhat.

Strips Cut Ready to Go

Here are the other strips awaiting some friends (cutting took way longer than I thought, OF COURSE, so it's not all done yet), then they'll be sent off to my Sew Buzzy Bee members.

More strips awaiting packaging

And what post would be complete without a gratuitous macro shot? Don't worry, I'll get over it soon, but it's still a novelty for me. I took the extra 30 seconds and my little tripod this time.

Having Fun with Macro

Coming up (as soon as other bee packages are sent):
Finished placemats and a review/giveaway.


  1. You're going to have a beautiful quilt, Felicity! Just hang in there and you'll definitely be on the side of brilliant once it's all in the mail. I recently sent out my first fabric packages and had no idea how much fabric to send. It took way longer than anticipated to get everything ready. But it sure feels nice to have it all in the mail and just sit back and wait for the blocks to come in!

  2. Quilt retreat this weekend, yippee!!! It's all because of that darned pneumonia - you'll feel so much better after a trip to the post office...then it's sit back and wait for a quilt top's worth of awesomeness to arrive!

  3. Nice macro shot. Oh, how I love the blur...


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