Sunday, January 9, 2011

Change of Plans

So I was "happily" trimming all those 80 razzinfrazzinfrickfrackin HSTs for a quilt intended for my niece, but as I was working, I had two thoughts:
1. These fabrics aren't all that "girly" and my niece definitely likes her some pink (and sparkles).
2. These fabrics would work really well in the placemats I was planning to make ("someday") for our table - the colours go in our living/dining area, AND they're dark enough so that stains won't show very much. The latter quality being the most important in placemats, IMO.

So now these HSTs will be repurposed into placemats and I get to spend time shopping my stash for new fabrics for Claire's quilt. Not a bad thing.


  1. Sounds like a very smart decision! Good luck finding girlie fabrics for your niece!

  2. Agreed, a great save and solution = more stash busting!


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