Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Fabric Story

A few fabric-related finishes happened for me this past week, which isn't surprising, since we're heading into Christmas-gift crunch time. A crunch of my own making, I will admit. I keep adding stuff onto my to-make list. Luckily, they're all quick projects that I can start and finish in an evening.

Ornament for the VMQG ornament swap. I used the Spool tutorial (.pdf file here) for the second time, and I still love it. I read a tip about using a small piece of batting for stuffing the tail, and I like the effect. Just like the first time I tried making a Spool bird, I had trouble sewing up the end. So I just zig zagged across the raw edge and I think it looks okay. Fabric is from the pajama pants I bought a while back.

Embellished t-shirt for a Christmas gift. Still loving that birdie!

Embellished t-neck for a certain someone's 3rd birthday coming up this weekend.

Linking up to Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday. Even though this post is 100% quilt free!


  1. Very cute! I love birds too! Real and fabric! Hope it's a fun birthday!

  2. Must get busy with an ornament! Love your embellished shirts!

  3. very cute bird!
    and happy Bday to the 3 year old.
    thanks for visiting.

  4. Such cute projects! Love the "3" tee, I will be making a "2" in a couple weeks myself! :)


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