Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Using up my Luck

I've won a few giveaways here and there - a book, some fabric etc. Every time I win, my husband despairs and complains that I'm "using up our luck" on little things and consequently, we're never going to win any big things like the lottery.

Here I am with my door prize at the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild meeting, using up yet more luck. 
(photo courtesy of Sonja Callaghan)

You know what I say to that? Too bad, dude. There are some serious giveaways happening right now, and I'm entering 'em. And blogging about 'em to get MORE entries! HA!

So, in no particular order, here they are:

Heather at a la mode fabric is giving away an AccuQuilt Go! cutter. So incredibly awesome! It's a leeeetle bit pricey for my blood (would rather spend the money on fabric, truth be told) but I sure wouldn't say no if I won one!

KarrieLyne of Freckled Whimsy is also giving away an AccuQuilt Go! Check it out here - lots of ways to enter that giveaway, too!

Megan at Lucy & Norman is celebrating her blogiversary with a lovely giveaway. It involves some much-coveted fabric whose initials are FMF. Just sayin'.

And finally Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works has a third AccuQuilt Go! cutter up for grabs.

I really hope I get to use up more luck on these giveaways! Wheee!!!


  1. Good luck, Felicity! If you win an AccuQuilt Go!, can you bring it to a Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild meeting to show us all how it works? :)

  2. Hey, congrats. I am hoping to snag one of those GO!'s as well!!

  3. I would definitely have to win an AccuQuilt Go, because I would rather spend my money on fabric too!

    Going off to check out the FMF giveaway.


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