Friday, April 2, 2010

Emerald Rose

It's done, it's washed, it's officially named. It's........Emerald Rose! Ta daaaaaaa!

It's quite possible I may love the back as much as the front!

I used Rachel's Scruffily Quilt tutorial as a starting point, and changed the size of the pieces slightly, to 9, 6 and 3 inches square. Also, because I'm lazy pressed for time, I decided to applique and quilt the squares simultaneously. Yeah...that didn't work all that well when I tried to do it in straight seams, pivoting at each corner. The quilt's not that big was a big Fail.

Then the quilt sat for months while I pouted about my brilliant plan basically turning to poop. Hearing that Rose's baptism was planned for Easter gave me the encouragement I needed to solve my issue. And solve it I did, with the help of good ol' basting spray. I spray-basted those squares and free-motion "appliquilted" them on. Some of the squares are a little wobbly/wonky but I think it just adds to the quilt's charm. Yeah, that's the ticket! It's charming. Here it is "artfully" arranged under our skylight. Today was a cold, rainy, windy mess, so no outdoor shots!

 Close up of the scruffy blocks.

This square is not as wonky as it looks - it's actually square but the quilt's drooping.

The fabrics are mostly Amy Butler Midwest Modern (Ohio Sky colourway) and Daisy Chain (Basil colourway). I think that olivey damask is maybe Joel Dewberry? The green/grey celtic knot that I also used for the binding is Celtic Inspirations by Fabric Visions Inc. The emerald green celtic knot fabric on the back is from JoAnn (cheapo).

I pieced AND quilted this with Aurifil 50/2 thread in a light grey. Because I'd pressed my seams open, I didn't want to stitch in the ditch between the main blocks, so I quilted a straight line 1/4" away from the seam on each side to stabilize the quilt before appliquilting.

This one might just be my favourite quilt I've ever made. I absolutely ADORE it. I just have to add the label (completely pieced with scraps - v. cute!) and package it up with her older brother's Birthday Banner and off to Maryland it will go.

A special thanks to my lovely, creative helpers at Workshop in Progress who helped me get to the perfect name for this lovely.


  1. Cute! Great, rich colorway. Charming indeed!!

  2. The pictures just don't do this stunning quilt justice!! Quite possibly the most beautiful quilt I've ever seen...

  3. That really is a very intriguing quilt with all the layering. Looks great and name is wonderful.

  4. This quilt is stunning! I think the solution you came up with using the basting spray was very inventive. The back looks fabulous too.

  5. Love the name and love the quilt! It's got such pretty colours in it.


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