Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WIP Focus: Welcome Baby quilt

Here's the first in a series of posts about my WIPs list.

Welcome Baby quilt (temporary name) is for my friends Jen and Colin, who are expecting their first baby any day now. She was due on January 1st, but it's actually a very good thing that the babe hasn't arrived yet as Colin has been suffering through a severe flu whose after-effects have included uncontrollable shaking and weakness in his lower body. YIKES!

I finished cutting out the top today (hooray for stash use!) and this is what the layout is going to look like (more or less). I love combining brights and black & white fabrics for baby quilts, especially gender-neutral baby quilts.

I hope to finish laying out this one tomorrow - wish me luck. I lost my design wall (aka wrong side of vinyl tablecloth tacked to the wall using old sewing machine needles) when we converted my sewing room to my daughter's room. My new space doesn't have anywhere for the design wall. *whine*

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