Sunday, October 1, 2017

FAL Q4 (!!!) Goals

Life got in the way for me last quarter and I didn't even make a list of finish goals! No so for Q4 - here I am, all set to get finishin'!

1. Christmas Market sewing. This is a big one - numerous pillows, baby quilts and key fobs need to be produced prior to the market which I believe will happen in early December. OF COURSE I had grand plans and a fancy workback schedule that showed me making a couple of items each month of this year. HAHAHAHA I am nearly 50 years old (next month) and yet I still manage to delude myself about deadlines and how much I can (and will) actually do ahead of time. Oh well. What gets done gets done. As of today, 5 pillows (of 20), 0 quilts (of 10) and 0 key fobs (of 30) are done. Oh boy.

market sewing in progress

2. Despite 1 above, I am planning to do a few other things. Namely finishing this round robin quilt that's been on at least 3 if not more FAL lists of mine. It only needs quilting and I can do it on the shop's long arm.

2015 Round Robin top complete

3. And finally, The Canadian Sampler BOM will be finished this quarter! I've been keeping up surprisingly well with this project, and I have already planned a layout for my blocks that's different than the one suggested. Stay tuned!

My block collection for The Canadian Sampler.

That's most definitely more than enough to keep me busy in the final part of 2017 because of course there are holiday gifts for family, friends and teachers to think about. 

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  1. Good luck with your goals! I love the market sewing in the photo. The colors are rich!

  2. Wow, that is some Round Robin Quilt. Very striking! Please finish it and show us some more pictures =)

  3. Super cute round robin quilt! I can't wait to see it quilted.

  4. Love the Christmas markets! Hope you manage to get some stuff made! I'm very drawn to the red samplers, good luck with your finishes - TwoTinyMakes

  5. Oh you can totally get them done Felicity! Good luck with your market in December, I hope you sell everything you make. Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2017 global finish-a-long hosts.


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