Thursday, September 21, 2017

Josie in Pink: A Memorial Quilt

I sure do enjoy the Bloggers Quilt Festival put on every year by Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side. There are many, many beautiful quilts to admire - grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee or whatever and take some time to enjoy them.

My entry to this year's festival is called Josie in Pink. My dear friend and coworker Nicole lost her sweet Schnauzer furbaby Josie last year, and we talked about my making a memorial pillow or quilt. I presented the quilt to Nicole this past weekend so I can now share it with you!

Nicole's decor is pinks and greys so I fired up good ol' YouPatch and played with a photo of J-Doggie, colouring it in pinks with a grey background.

Josie in Pink measures 36" square, and the smallest of the pixel squares finishes at 3/4"! A feat of precision piecing to say the least. The piecing was intricate and time consuming but I'm so happy that all of the pieces came together beautifully.

Josie Quilt

I admit this quilt sat basted and unquilted for a loooong time while I pondered how I wanted to quilt it. Finally, I settled on two all-over patterns: one in the background using grey thread and one in the pink using pink thread. I am really happy with the results.

When I finally decided how I was going to quilt it, it came together very quickly.

Can you believe this backing fabric was just sitting in my stash? The colours match exactly - a completely serendipitous discovery! Obviously, it was meant to be.

I hope you enjoyed your visit here as well as the other lovely quilts that are being shared as part of the festival!


  1. What a sweet gift! I'm sure your friend will treasure it and the memories of her fur baby it evokes.

  2. What a lovely gift for your friend. So much work involved but a wonderful result.

  3. What a thoughtful gift. I love it!

  4. Beautiful! What a wonderful way to remember that sweet furry friend.

  5. Hi Felicity,
    You are a great friend! Wow, 3/4" finished pieces. A true labor of love, and I am sure your friend can see all the love in every stitch. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. REALLY nice job on your pixelated quilt!!

  7. Wow, this really caught my eye! What a great friend you are. Just love this!


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