Thursday, March 16, 2017

Gee's Bend Mini

Improv Mini

This mini quilt was begun in a workshop with the quilters of Gee's Bend at QuiltCon 2015. The supply list said to bring old clothes as material for the workshop so I took myself to the thrift shop and got some jeans and a plaid shirt. I also collected up some amazing red corduroy fabric my Mother-in-Law passed along to me. Plus leopard print because, well, the fact is that I have more than my fair share of Edith Prickley in me when it comes to the quantity of animal print I have in my wardrobe.

Improv Mini binding 

It took me so long to move it past the stage I got to in the workshop, because I planned to add to it and make it bigger, yet I never seemed to get around to it. Thus it sat for a long time.

Finally, I decided that I wanted it finished more than I wanted it bigger so I went ahead and got it quilted. By hand, of course, because the piece really is an homage to those amazing quilters.

I did exactly zero marking before diving in and simply stitching where it seemed there needed to be stitches. I quite like the wonky nature of my stitching.

Improv Mini stitching

It finished up to be not-square and rather than add to it to square it up, I just went with the shape.

I also tried a wide binding first introduced to me by Latifah Saafir in her Glam Clam workshop for VMQG. I *love* how it looks, and I'll definitely be using that size binding again.

Improv Mini binding and stitches

This mini was on my 2016 Q4 goals list in the Finish A Long. Have you heard about FAL? Click on the link up top to find out how to join in. There are prizes! There are cheerleaders! Come and join the fun!

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  1. Congratulations on a fantastic finish! This quilt definitely deserved some hand quilting. The wide binding is a great finishing touch!


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