Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My 2017 Q1 FAL Goals

Felicity Quilts Finish A Long

To kick off Q1 of the Finish-A-Long, here's my first set of 2017 finish goals:

1. My 2015 VMQG Round Robin quilt. I had this on my final 2016 goals list but I wasn't able to get to it. I've put a small amount of time into it, and I've got a plan for how to build it up to the size I want. Hope to work on that in the next month or so, providing the temperatures cooperate. My sewing studio isn't finished yet and it's cccccold in there even with a heater!

2015 Round Robin quilt top

2. My 2015 Bee Sewcial quilt - Winter. I've begun the quilting but I'm not in love with how it's turning out. I'm pretty certain I know the solution (MORE QUILTING! MAYBE SOME BY HAND!) and I plan to get it done.

Winter quilting in progress

3. My 2016 Bee Sewcial quilt - Lake Country. Needs only a small block to plug a gap in the layout, then it should be ready to assemble and quilt.

Lake Country blocks

Three quilts in three months? SURE WHY NOT. 

Why not add another goal and truly make this a stretch target kind of situation? 

4. My 2016 VMQG Round Robin quilt. I moved away mid-year so I sadly had to withdraw my quilt from the group activity, but I plan to add to it on my own using the monthly prompts. I'm pretty excited about this one - what's not to love about low volume prints + bright florals especially Anna Maria Horner florals? 

2016 VMQG Round Robin quilt in progress

Other projects I'm working on besides these quilts include more pillows (to which I'll devote a proper blog post soon), a mini quilt for the MQG swap, and some garment sewing. I like having lots of things on the go, but with an over-arching plan and I think putting together this list provides the structure I need to motivate me.

I intend to get this blog more active in conjunction with all of this FAL work, too. Stay tuned!


  1. Those are some great goals! Great quilts, too good luck with them all! Love your latest round robin - I hope you get a chance to get to it.

  2. Your quilts are making my scrappy heart sing!

  3. Great list and you can totally get those three finished and that forth is so beautiful who wouldn't want to work on it!

  4. Lovely quilts. Good luck on your finishes!

  5. great list, I love all of those items, they are awesome

  6. Great list! Love that last Round Robin quilt!

  7. These are all wonderful projects. Good luck finishing them.

  8. Your round robin quilt is stunning! Best of luck with your Q1 finishes. Jxo

  9. Such gorgeous projects on your list - good luck with them all!


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