Friday, November 25, 2016

Serendipity: A Bee Sewcial Swap Mini

Last year at QuiltCon, my Bee Sewcial group and I met up and during our lunch we talked about organizing a swap. Given that our group is a bunch of over-achieving doctors, lawyers, university professors etc., stuff gets DONE. This swap was no exception.

We were to make an approximately 15"x20" mini quilt top featuring one accent colour of our choice paired with a scrappy low-volume background. Then we were to cut it apart into roughly 5" bits, send 10 of them to the other swap participants and keep two for ourselves.

My accent colour was yellow. I started with this piece:

Bee Sewcial Swap Starter piece

Then chopped it up and ended up with these:

Bee Sewcial Swap blocks ready to send

Whenever I'm not sure what project to work on next, I look at my Finish Along List. Well lo and behold, wouldn't you know this mini was on my Q4 Finish Along Goal List so I puzzled it together and pieced it in one day. Amazingly, it only required two small strips of additional low volume fabric to bring the blocks together into a rectangle shape.


Because it is small - about 15"x19", I was able to quilt and bind it the next day:

Serendipity - quilting detail

I call this Serendipity because it surprised me with how easily it came together, and because it makes me so very happy.

My heartfelt thanks to Leanne, Stephanie, Hillary, M-R, Melissa, Marci Anne, Kari, Karen and Debbie for your contributions!

2016 FAL


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