Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bee Sewcial: March and April

March in Bee Sewcial was Hillary's month. We got a photo prompt with the concept of "layers" and a wonderful colour palette. Here are my blocks:

Layers, second block for Hillary @entropyalwayswins
Layers for Hillary @entropyalwayswins 

And then April came along and we made triangles with a repeating theme for Marci, in blue. I love blue so much. SO MUCH. The first block started out with the triangles both pointing up, but it was missing something. So I flipped one triangle over and that was that. 
April Bee Sewcial blocks for Marci.
Improvisational piecing doesn't have to look messy or random. It can be controlled and measured.

My second block was less controlled and measured. I began with the triangles, then added the strips to bring the block to the desired size of 12½".

April Bee Sewcial blocks for Marci.

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  1. These blocks are all so fabulous!!!!

  2. I don't know how I missed your Layers blocks, but they turned out great, Felicity! Love those blues too!


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