Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bee Sewcial January and February

I re-upped my commitment to Bee Sewcial when Leanne and Stephanie decided to keep it running for another year. I absolutely LOVE the monthly challenges and besides, one of our members (Debbie A Quilter's Table) won First Place in Group Quilts at QuiltCon West with a Bee Sewcial quilt - who wouldn't want to continue in a group like that if they could?

Speaking of QuiltCon, many of us Bee Sewcialites (current and former) met up at QuiltCon, had our photo taken in front of the quilt and had a great lunch together. A QuiltCon highlight for sure.

Now. While my Bee Sewcial participation has been timely, my blogging about it has not been! January flitted by and so did February and well here we are.

Stephanie Spontaneous Threads kicked off January with a prompt about lines and intersections, and chose some of my very very favourite colours - shades of grey + curry + a pop of colour.

Bee Sewcial block 1 for Stephanie

Block 2 for @spontaneousthreads, #beesewcial #inspiredbybeesewcial. It's a fair bit like the first one but I was enjoying the lines so much, I just kept going. 

Then for February, Karen Capitola Quilter had a really cool idea combining form and function and colour ("Stretch Denim (Let's Get Comfortable)") and oh it was great. My first block was kind of typical of me - some improv waves, some chambray.

Bee Sewcial February block 1 for   Karen

For Block 2, I waited until the Bee Sewcial ladies could give me an in-person tutorial on insetting shapes into backgrounds. Success! Check out that "hole in my jeans"!

Bee Sewcial February block 2 for  Karen.

The technique is a combination of the 6 minute circle (you can search it on youtube) and some others and now I know how to do it yaaaaaay!


  1. Thank you for showing us your inspiring work and giving us some technique information. I went to Marie's blog to learn about her technique on sewing circles an I have a question on the step where you double the freezer paper by ironing one onto the other: doesn't it stick on the ironing board while you do that and thus will it get ironed on the fabric later?
    Myrto in Athens, Greece

    1. Hi Myrto - you are a no-reply blogger so I can't respond via email.

      I actually don't use freezer paper in my approach but I can tell you that generally, there is enough wax on the freezer paper so it can be reused at least once.

  2. Cool blocks. It would be too intimidating for me but I sure love watching everyone else's progress in this bee.

  3. Such fabulous ladies are a very talented and inspiring group, that's for sure!!!!!

  4. This looks like the best bee group ever. I don't think a single block has been made from this group that I haven't been completely in love with. Is there a place where you all have kept track of all of the blocks made? I would love to see that!! Bravo to you all, so inspirational!!


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