Monday, March 9, 2015

Bee Sewcial March: Transparency

These were fun! This month in the Bee Sewcial bee, Melissa (We Shall Sew) asked us to make her blocks using this palette:

March ~ Melissa

As it turns out, I've got a LOT of those colours in my stash of solids because I loooooove them! The theme this month is Transparency. These are my blocks:

BeeSewcial March Block 1 for Melissa

This one is about 15" square, and Melissa will be trimming it down - that's a cool feature of this bee. A few of the queen bees have asked that we just leave the blocks for them to trim down.

This is the second one, much simpler, and 9.5" unfinished:

BeeSewcial March block 2 for Melissa

Very much looking forward to seeing what Melissa makes with these - check out the other blocks here.


  1. Nice blocks! I'm so anxious to see ANY finished quilt come out of this bee!

  2. I do love your lovely.

  3. Your blocks are great, I need to figure out how to make mine.


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