Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sweet Dreams: a Baby Quilt

One of G's directresses (they're not called teachers in Montessori) is expecting her first baby, due in September. About a week before the end of school, Kevin reminded me that a quilt for Ms Cindy should be on The List. It's a good thing he did - I had her due date of September in mind, completely forgetting that - duh - we likely wouldn't be seeing her once school was done.

So the race was on. I had cut a bunch of my 30s reproduction scraps into 5" charms using Krista's Go!Baby cutter (fun!) so this project was super fast to put together. I really like 30s repro fabrics for baby quilts - they're really sweet and I think they read as gender neutral much of the time.

Baby Quilt for Ms Cindy
Surrounded in dappled sunlight in the courtyard

It's smallish - 45" square - so it will be useful for playing on, or for tucking into a stroller.

Quilting Closeup
Aren't those doggies adorable?

For the quilting, I simply FMQd big loopy loops, one in each square - I really wanted this quilt to stay soft and cuddly.

Ms Cindy's Quilt Back

The back is an upcycled/thrifted Ikea crib duvet cover that wasn't quite wide enough so I added a strip of patchwork, and I quite like the effect! The binding is all done by machine. First time for me attaching it to the back and then flipping it to the front and stitching it down using a presser foot with a centre seam guide (ditch sewing?). It was a great way of doing it - I may invest in an even-feed version of that in-the-ditch foot.

This is NOT one of my 2013 FAL goal projects, but it was fast and fun to do. I found out after we had gifted it to her that Ms Cindy had been hoping I would make her a quilt. Now I'm *extra* glad Kevin reminded me!


  1. You've just been a wealth of information with this post. I still haven't gotten the hang of Instagram, but must do! And the little baby quilt is just perfect - love the FMQ style and your detail about the binding. Many thanks!

  2. This is a lovely little quilt, I am glad it was wished for and will be loved.

  3. Always nice to know our gifts are appreciated ; ) The quilting looks so fun. I must try it

  4. Very fun quilting for these simple blocks - nice!!

  5. Directress is an excellent word. Love this sweet quilt!

  6. Very sweet! And I agree, 30's repro prints are great for babies!

  7. Love the quilting! Such a great idea, I may have to steal it ;)

  8. Perfectly sweet and cuddly looking!


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