Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm Featured!

My lovely friend Cindy Live a Colorful Life is featuring me today in her ongoing series The Name Game, where she interviews bloggers about the names they've chosen for their blogs.

Name Game photo LACL_THENAMEGAME_zps3e4917b9.jpg

I'm thrilled to be joining the ranks of many interestingly-named blogs that she's highlighted. Come on over to find out the story behind my blog's name (I'm sure you'll never, ever guess how I chose it, hahaha). Thank you, Cindy!


  1. Lovely to 'meet' you on the name game! You've got some beautiful quilts here. I've followed you now so I'll be back to see what else you make :)

  2. Hi Felicity. I'm here from Cindy's blog and am thrilled to meet you and see your work.

  3. Thank you SOO much for playing along this week!

  4. It was fun seeing you over at Cindy's!

  5. Cool! I love the pic of you that she added! You're so stinkin' cute. :)


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