Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Felicities

You won't be surprised to hear that today, what's (still) making me happy is last weekend's retreat. I got to meet a great bloggy friend in person.

felicity and kristie
Kristie knit me the gorgeous cowl I'm wearing - aren't those colours perfectly "me"?

And we got to shoe-shop together!

And I got to make stuff for people I care about!
A cover for a close friend's (giant) KitchenAid stand mixer in progress. Needs binding.

And I laughed till I nearly peed my pants (no photo for that one).

How about you? What's your Felicity this Friday?


  1. I'm jealous of all these great retreats happening everywhere it seems that I want to go on one too. Glad you enjoyed it and met a bloggy friend in the flesh.

  2. I see you had so much fun, but I want to see your shoes, too! x Teje

  3. A good weekend can linger in all the best ways!

  4. What a coincidence, that's my felicity this week as well! That and my date with Edward tonight.... ;)

  5. OK, so I knew you were my friend before I saw your shoe expertise, maybe you are really a long lost sister. You even live near the Fluvog store I like to go to. And I found a felicity too.

  6. I love your Friday Felicities, Felicity! Hopefully, I'll be able to link in soon. :)

  7. I can't help put smile when I see you and K's beautiful faces!

  8. Love your blog, so many nice things on here :)

  9. Ohhhh lucky you! I love Miss Mooz shoes!


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