Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let it Bee

Have I used that title for a post about a Bee block before? Even if I have, I still find it amusing so it's staying.

I am just finishing up two weeks' holidays from work, during which we spent eight days in Ontario visiting my parents. I looked forward to the visit, but not the weather. Having "enjoyed" 20+ hot/humid summers there, I was dreading that part. But! It wasn't as hot as I feared it would be! There were only a couple of super-hot days, one of which was the day we scheduled an outdoor activity. In related news, I think the person who invented air conditioning should be canonized.

But for the most part it was nice warm summery weather. We were even treated to a good ol' rocking Ontario thunderstorm. Besides my family and good friends, I really miss thunderstorms. We don't get them as frequently here. Rain, yes. Thunderstorms, no. Unsurprisingly, Miss G didn't share my enthusiasm over the booming thunder and she fell asleep that night with her hands clamped over her ears, poor thing.

Anyhoodle, the vacation took a bite out of my stitching time, so getting in under the wire on July's block for the Stash Trad Bee, am I!

Whirling Star for Kati Stash Trad
I don't know what that grey/yellow floral print is - I got it in a swap. But it was perfect for this block!

Kati asked for stars in a yellow and grey combination, and she prefers the complexity of foundation paper-piecing. Works for me! This Whirling Star was part of Faith's Solstice Stars series - here's the tutorial. I'm happy with it - I hope Kati is!

Wondering how I got those centre points to match up so nicely? Lynne from Lily's Quilts had a timely post on that very thing. Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful! I finished a star for Kati this weekend too. Her quilt is going to be amazing.

  2. Lovely block!

    I love thunderstorms, too. I missed them for the whole year we were in Seattle. ;)

    While you were visiting family in Ontario, I was visiting family in Chicago! It was crazy hot in IL, which I DO NOT miss. But darn it, that city pulls on my heartstrings!

  3. I love the storms too, although they can get out of hand. I gather I have been missing several while I am hanging out in BC. Love the bee block.

  4. It looks great Felicity. What is the floral print? I really like that one.

  5. Amazing!! Love the colour combo.

  6. I think Ontario weather and Michigan weather are fairly similar and it has been pretty nice of late :) The bee block is really neat.

  7. This block is just beautiful! Kati's quilt is going to be stunning. Anyhoodle (haha). I just wanted to say that because it cracked me up. And I totally miss thunderstorms. After spending so many years in the Midwest, we don't get thunder here in Central California. Or rain either for that matter...bummer.

  8. I love the block design, and the colors and fabrics are just gorgeous. Yellows and grays, love them!

  9. It's so perfect! I just love it. I can't wait for this quilt!

  10. Just beautiful! I love your fabric choices & placement..


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