Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIP Wednesday and Just Three Report

I've got stitching to report! Yay!


The Habitat Pillow Covers - woot!

The A-line dress (off-list, again). Had to get that project out of my system. Will tackle another one in quilting weight cotton (on its way from the lovely Sew Sisters).

Made Progress On

The Memory Quilt (on my WIP list!). I am very pleased with this one, but far less pleased with the terrible photo. It's been rainy and dreary here so avert your eyes if you're easily offended by horrifying indoor nighttime photos.

The border fabric was used for my friend's daughter's bedroom décor when she graduated to a "big girl" room. It's since been changed (she's a teenager now) but Anne asked me to make a quilt with the leftovers as a keepsake for Heather. I'll be adding some large flower appliqués in the centre patchwork area using the scribbly stitching I did on the preschool quilts, and fabrics that draw out the colours in the border.

(Unsanctioned Project)

A VMQG/PMQG pouch swap pouch. My playing last week translated into this:

Pouch Collage

The pouch's dimensions didn't turn out as I'd hoped (though it's not wonky in real life like my photos suggest). This size isn't going to work for my partner. But that's okay - I have another recipient in mind. I do like the design and I learned a few things about linen (hello, lots of fraying!), so the next one should work out fine. I hope.

Just Three Reckoning

May's Just Three:
1. Complete the I Spy Quilt. Check.
2. Complete the Habitat Pillow Covers. Yup.
3. Piece the Memory Quilt. Oh yeah baby.

June's Just Three
1. VMQG/PMQG pouches.
2. Memory Quilt finished.
3. Teacher gifts (3).

I really like Tracey's Just Three - choosing three projects helps me break my longer list into more manageable chunks. Would you like to join in? Please do!

Patiently Waiting for Attention
Charity Quilt 
Stacked Strips 
New Wave
Bee quilt (Jewel Squares)
Bee quilt (Circle of Geese) 

Latest Stats
Completed Projects - 1 (+1 unauthorized)
New Projects - 0 (not counting pouches)
Currently In Progress - 7

What's everyone up to over at Lee's and Monika's? Go see!


  1. Yay for progress! And yes, hasn't it been dreary? At the moment the sun is shining so I'm crossing my fingers for today. :)

  2. Yep, weather was horrible here yesterday too. Love your pouch, and the quilt looks great, even with the bad light!

  3. weather is still miserable here!! great projects

  4. Nicely done! The memory quilt is very sweet. I love that idea.

  5. We finally hit hot over here. Nice progress.

  6. Scribbly stitching is so fun. Can't wait to see the appliqués on the quilt!

  7. Lots of progress going on at your house. I love the red pouch especially.

  8. Cute pouch! Way to go on all your progress. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  9. Love making pouches, but there gets to be too many at my house, but I would love a similar one to your red! Grey and cloudy, not good for photos, but great as an excuse to stay home and sew!

  10. Hurray for play time! The pouch looks like fun! Great you can see progress on your lists--lists just make me feel guilty for all the things I'm not getting done, lol.

  11. Love the blue bug on the lining of your pouch!

  12. Being a Canadian quilter/blogger requires a lighting set-up for photographs....I'll have to try scribbly stitching, yours looks fabulous.


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