Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Just Three Report

I swear I sewed this month! But I feel like I have precious little to show for it. Strange.

Anyhoodle, I did manage to make great progress on this WIP:

I Spy Quilt Top

It's backed, basted, quilted and trimmed! All that's left is to bind it. Here's a sneak peek:

Full reveal is coming soon. Just needs binding and crinkling.

No progress was made on anything else. But that brings me to my Just Three report and list of Just Three Things I wish to accomplish in May. (Go here for Just Three details then do come and join us!)

traceyjay quilts

April's Three:
1. Finish the tutorial for the scrappy potholder - done!
2. Make a backing for the I Spy Quilt - done (photo soon).
3. Baste the I Spy Quilt - goal exceeded - quilt is quilted!

May's Three:
1. Complete the I Spy Quilt. A gimme, I know. What can I say? I'd like to start the month with a win, okay?
2. Complete the Habitat Pillow Covers (last pictured here). I mean, really. This project has been a WIP for too long considering they're a gift. My sister's probably completely forgotten about them by now. To recap, three of four tops are pieced, and the fourth is ready to go (81 bleeping 2½" squares - *sob*).
3. Piece the Memory Quilt. This project is technically not a WIP because I haven't cut any fabric. But I will, gosh darn it. I WILL!!

This week's WIP stats:
Completed Projects - 0 (but we're close, friends!)
New Projects - 0
In Progress - 8

Linking up with Lee and Monika and also Tracey. Lots of linkies this week! Please check them out and join on in.


  1. Look at you go! I like this Just Three idea, very cool. I dig your I Spy quilt, it's looking super fab so far, can't wait to see more :)

  2. Love the look of the top quilt and look forward to seeing it bound and crinkled.
    What a fab idea with the Just three idea, going over to have a look at that now.

  3. Looking good! You have lofty goals for May. Good luck!

  4. I love adding already finished items to my to-do list so I can go ahead and check them off. :)
    Excited to see the I-Spy!

  5. The quilt need "crinkling" - LOVE that! One of my favourite things. :)

  6. Here's to starting the month off with a win! I'm all for that. And way to go on surpassing your goal for April! That's wonderful and great motivation to me. Nice!!

  7. took me a bit to figure out what crinkling was... hahaha. Love the quilt hanging and love the background, looks like it is a peaceful courtyard? Just three, yep that is a good idea, and much less stress than a list of 40 or so things!!

  8. Oh what a happy quilt - I love it. Thanks for the Just Three link - I am so joining in with that!!

  9. Great projects Felicity - love your potholders!

  10. "binding and crinkling" -- love that.
    Super cute quilt... I love ahow all the colors play off one another.

    And good luck getting next month's goalds done! Can't wait to see! :)

  11. (and ignore that I just wrote "goalds") ;)

  12. Yay for your April Just Three! Your projects are looking great, Felicity!

  13. I so know that feeling - I swear I sewed this month, too! You are making progress though, which is a good thing, and starting May off with a gimme is a good plan in my books! It looks great!
    Good luck with May.

  14. The quilt is looking beautiful! I love the color scheme.

  15. Nice work on your quilt! I love the design pattern with the colours you've chosen.

  16. You are SO close! You know, I avoid making lists of all the stuff I know I should finish because I get completely overwhelmed and then lethargy sets in. Pathetic. I admire your tenacity and I know you are going to finish that I Spy quilt any minute now!

  17. What an attractive setting for that first quilt.

  18. So, if your sister forgot about the pillows they'll make a new gift? ;-)

  19. Great job on your Just Three goals! The I Spy quilt looks great! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  20. I love the Just Three concept. I'm going to get details.

    And love that I added a new word to my vocabulary: anyhoodle.

  21. That quilt looks great!! I have three quilts just waiting for the binding -- my least favorite part!!


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