Friday, May 25, 2012

SMS Giveaway Winner/Friday Felicities

Wow! I am thrilled with the response to my giveaway! 538 eligible entries - that is wonderful (my Felicity for today, in fact)!

Without further ado, I present the winning comment number as determined by

And who had lucky comment #37? Why, that's Shannon! Look for an email from me shortly, Shannon.

Thanks again to all who entered, and especially to those who decided to become followers. I really appreciate it, particularly since it wasn't a requirement of the giveaway so it makes me really happy to know you're here because you want to be. Another Felicity!

Note: a number entries in the giveaway were from "no-reply" commenters. If you do a lot of commenting on blogs and never hear back, or have never, ever won a giveaway and you enter a lot, you might want to double-check whether people can get in touch with you via your blogger profile. Here's more on the topic, including some lovely illustrated steps for making your email public in your Blogger profile. I know that some people choose to keep their email private, preferring instead for bloggers to come over to their own blogs to comment, which is totally fair. The problem is when no-reply commenters *don't* have a blog - then there is absolutely no way to contact them in case they've won giveaways! It makes me sad to think people spent their precious time entering all kinds of giveaways without realizing they're never going to win because the host of the giveaway can't contact them!

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