Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday

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Hooray! It's the First Day of Spring! We had hail yesterday! Woot! (sarcasm)

I have chugged along on my 2012 Project list.


March's block for Amy in Stash Trad Bee - a traditional block called Winged Square. Tutorial here. She asked us to select a centre fabric that reads two-coloured, then to use scraps to carry those colours out in each "wing" of the Winged Square. Neat, eh? The background is Essex Linen in Natural.

Winged Square for Amy

Folks, this bee is chock-a-block full of keeners and over-achievers, many of whom have the block finished before the month even starts. I've had to up my game and relinquish my position as President of the Last Minute Club, at least where this bee is concerned.

Made Some Progress

I'm really close on my Layer Cake version of Easy Going Modern. She's all quilted and just needs to be trimmed and bound. I found the perfect fabric for binding in my stash. Stay tuned for the full reveal and you will see it!

Easy Going Modern LC version closeup


The backing is a thrifted IKEA duvet cover. I quilted the same wavy lines as on my original Easy Going Modern but I used a few different threads. Again, more detail in the full reveal post when it's all bound, washed and crinkled.

I've also finally pieced the top for G's I Spy quilt!

I Spy Quilt Top

I began this one in a quilt-along approximately 1,000 years ago and I'm so pleased that it's close to being done. The backing has been selected - that just needs to be pieced, then I'll be ready to baste and quilt. See what I mean by chugging along? I'm a regular old Thomas the Tank Engine here, people!

I also worked on my Stacked Strips/Books quilt but ran out of Kona Snow. I got out on the weekend to pick some up, then came home and found the 2 metres I already had set aside for the project. Whoops. When I start doing dumb stuff like that, I can tell I have too many balls in the air. Or as I like to say, when there's too much in my mind, some stuff falls out. Please tell me I'm not the only one.

No Progress
Habitat Pillow Covers

Kaleidoscope (on hold)
Heather R memory quilt
Charity Quilt
New Wave
Bee quilt (Jewel Squares)
Bee quilt (Circle of Geese)

This Week's Stats
Completed Projects - 0 (the bee is ongoing)
New Projects - 0 
Currently in Progress - 10 

Quite happy with my forward movement on various projects this week. Thanks for stopping by for WIP Wednesday - please do go see what everyone's been up to at Lee's and Monika's.


  1. I LOVE your orange and yellow block!!

  2. I love your block. Thank you for making it for me. And you ARE ahead of the game. I think I am still waiting on a bunch of blocks (of course, there is still time ).

  3. I really like the winged square block, there are so many colour possibilities!

  4. That block is so pretty!
    Your I spy is looking good!

  5. Wow, you have been busy! That block looks beautiful, all those little triangles lined up so nicely! I'll be lonely in the Last-Minute Club without you!

  6. Oh, I love that block! You did an amazing job transitioning the colors. Your quilts are looking great too. It looks like you've been super productive!

  7. Some really lovely stuff, Felicity! I'm looking forward to seeing the layer cake version of your quilt complete. How fun to use that IKEA duvet cover for the backing!

  8. Great block!!!! love the polka dots in the duvet

  9. This is always one of my favorite stops--so many pretty things to see!

  10. Your block is great. You seem to have a lot of projects on the go which is a good thing since you won't get bored.

  11. Great projects, Felicity. I love your Bee block! What a great look with those two colour 'wings'. Very cool! I'm also a Mistress of the Last Minute! ;)

  12. Very productive stuff going on ...I love your March the colour combinations.

  13. Love thrifted things. It is a big habit around me!

  14. oh gosh! Love your bee block and the TERRAIN quilt - totally awesome!!

  15. I have a question about your quilt using a layer cake of Terrain. I had a couple of charm packs that I made a baby quilt out of using a teal pattern for borders/sashing, etc. I had a hard time putting the squares in a pleasing order. It was my first time to use so many fabrics for one thing, but I just felt like there was a huge difference in the bold and the light. Was this just me or did you have to really work to place the layer cake fabric? I did not have that issue when I used my next set of charm packs so many it was just a beginner struggle. Love your blog. Thanks so much for taking the time to do it.

  16. Buying more fabric because you don't remember where you put the piece you saved....I just recently done better than that: I found just the fabric I needed for borders on a throw. Surprisingly there was just enough on a piece that had no selvedges anymore. Once the throw was finished I remembered that that fabric was for the binding of a large quilt.....


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