Sunday, October 16, 2011

What I Did on my Day Retreat

I felt great all day at the retreat and got a ton of stuff accomplished. On previous retreats, I felt really burned out by around 8:00pm. Yesterday, I made a conscious effort not to drink too much coffee, and - ironically - it worked!

First up, Cracker SnapsScraps for Angela, who had the kick-off month in my one and only bee for this year: Stash Trad. I pulled a typical Felicity and made a cutting error when I was preparing the pieces to take to the retreat the night before. Luckily, I had brought the extra triangles, but it meant that I had to repeat a fabric, which I hadn't wanted to do. And during construction, I of course managed to place some strips going in the wrong direction, even with a photo to guide me. Ugh. Luckily, I only had to pick out two seams. Could've been worse:

Cracker Scraps for Angela
The tutorial to make this block is here if you're interested

Next, I turned my attention to the preschool quilts, and added some flowers to the tree quilts at my daughter's insistence. The news that I was only planning to put flowers on the Kindergarten quilt was not well-received to put it mildly! No photos yet...still in progress.

To help show the children the stages of a quilt's construction, I will bring a new WIP with me to show them: some placemats I'm making my Mom for Christmas. One's pieced:

placemat 1

...and one's quilted.

placemat quilting

Speaking of quilting, check out what ELSE I got up to:

First Feather
First feathers!

Second Attempt at feathers plus
Feathers, plus!

My lovely fellow VMQG member Janet does exquisite feathers in her quilting (among other exquisite designs - please check out her blog and Flickr!), and I asked her to give me a lesson while we were on retreat together. She gave me a few pointers, a couple of quilt sandwiches and I got to work. I have conquered my feather insecurity! I know they're not perfect, but I was so so pleased with my progress in such a short time that I'm completely determined to keep practicing so I can get better. Thank you, Janet!

Hooray for lovely day retreats, and my lovely husband, who wrangled The Child all day while I was quilting away. 


  1. I love the cracker scraps block! I have bookmarked it for future reference. And your FMQ is lovely! I have never tried it so am in awe of everyone's work!

  2. What a fun day! Your quilting looks great!

  3. Love those placemats! I still plan on doing those cracker scraps at some point :)
    The feathers look amazing! Really great, can't wait to see them on a quilt!

  4. Your feathers look great! How nice to have such talented friend who share their skills. I am glad you enjoyed your day away!

  5. I'm going to have to try those Cracker scraps blocks - so cute! You are such a natural with the FMQ - I'm glad you dove right in and got over those fears! Love your bounce-backs!

  6. It was great to be your neighbor at the retreat! Things were looking awesome! xo

  7. you got tons done! I just love the school quilts - you've got great design ideas Felicity. I look forward to more retreating avec toi soon!

  8. Wow, you were so productive! I always seem to talk more than I sew at retreats. Your feathers are wonderful. And I agree, Janet is an amazing quilter - I'm lucky enough to have one of her doll quilts hanging on my wall.

  9. That's awesome that you felt great and productive all day! Looks like you had lots of success - those feathers are fabulous! Janet is certainly a pro and it's great that she gave you some pointers. Isn't that what a quilt guild is all about? :)

  10. A bit jealous of your retreats. I wish we had those over here! Anyway GREAT fmq. Those feathers are fab!

  11. I am loving your bee block! I didn't notice the repeat fabric right off. I had to look for it. You did awesome on your feathers, too!

  12. Holy smokes, check out your feathers! They look so awesome!

  13. Wow! You are a free motion rock star!! I totally want to branch out with FM.

    Sounds like you had a great retreat :)

  14. Your FMQ is awesome! I love that feathery design!

    Did you receive your crown yet? I have been wondering???

  15. Woah look at those feathers! What skill. ! : ) p.s. Just a reminder that tomorrow is WIP Wednesday link up for Canucks!
    Hope to see you there!



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