Thursday, March 3, 2011

WTHeck, Google Reader?!

Do you follow your blogs through Google Reader?

If you answered yes, are you having trouble unsubscribing/deleting blogs from Reader?

Because I am - I try to unsubscribe, only to have the unwanted blog make its way back into my feed at some later point.

So far, I've tried to delete blogs by clicking the arrow next to the name in my list of blogs, and selecting "Unsubscribe." The blog reappeared some time later. I have also tried clicking on "manage subscriptions" and deleting blogs that way. Some still reappeared.

Anyone? Bueller?

Edited to add a followup: Thank you, lovely readers! It appears that I needed to unfollow via the Blogger Dashboard. Fingers crossed!


  1. Weird! I haven't had any issues with my beloved google reader. Hope someone can help!

  2. Is it under the "Blogs I'm Following" folder? Recently, Reader synced with my Blogger account, so now I have this extra folder. I have tried removing blogs from under this folder, and they reappear too! I finally had to go to Blogger, remove the specific blog there, and then let Reader re-sync. That has worked for me...good luck!

  3. YES! i'm glad it's not just me.

  4. I had that problem too. If you go to the google reader settings (upper right corner) and look under "misc" you can see if blogs you follow (as opposed to subscribing to) are included in your reader. If it is checked and its a blog you follow you have to go the the blogger dashboard and "unfollow" that blog. Hope this helps! And don't "unfollow" me!!!!!

  5. I have a blog that I can never get rid of for some takes me around in circles trying to unfollow it. I've come to terms that I will be following this blog until the end of time, lol

  6. You have to go to your blogger dashboard. From there, "manage" the blogs that you follow. Then choose to unfollow whichever ones you want. It took me awhile to figure this out, too!

  7. Did you figure it out? I had the same trouble until I realized I could go into it another way, via Blogger Dashboard. It worked! Apparently it depends on how you added them. Kind of dorky and inconsistent!


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