Sunday, March 20, 2011

Got Some Sewing Done

I didn't participate in the Friday Night Sew In because I was too dang tired. I usually sew for an hour or more each night after I put my daughter to bed in any case, but I've learned to listen to my body. If I try to sew when I'm too tired, I make lots of silly errors and it ends up at best a waste of time, and at worst, a disaster.

So when I found myself starting to brush my kid's teeth with a toothbrush covered in diaper cream (seriously) (I've got the Mother of the Year trophy allll sewn up, don't it?) I decided it would be prudent not to come anywhere near machinery of any kind. I read my fantastic book instead.

I did get some sewing done at other points over the weekend, and here are the fruits of my labour:

dresden test

That is a test block for Lynne's quilt along over at Lily's Quilts (interested? see the button on my sidebar). I love love love how quickly this comes together, and how big the block ends up. I'll use this on the back of the New Wave Quilt. I haven't given up on it, it's just gone onto the back burner. I refuse to admit that it's a UFO. Even though I keep putting projects ahead of it on the to-do list.

One of the reasons I'm behind on everything (other than the forementioned re-prioritizing of shiny new projects over old ones...) is that I'm now in three bees! Note to self: Self, that's too many. One of the many pluses of being in a bee is that you get to fondle work with other people's fabric. I was sorely tempted to "forget" send back the extra fabric that I got sent to make this string block. I've never seen most of them before and I love ALL of them!

sew buzzy string block for lucky_charm

And I basted my DQS10 quilt. Trying not to freak out about how to quilt it. Or rather, trying to stop fretting that attempting to do some interesting free motion quilting in each block is going to wreck it.

ready to quilt

Slowly, slowly, I'm getting there. Goal for this week: quilt the doll quilt. Full stop.

Lining up to Amy's One Thing One Week challenge!

Amy's Creative Side


  1. Oooh I love your DQS and can't wait to see how you quilt it - I always have quilting anxiety before launching in and there is then a moment which you think - oh **** I've ***ed this up. I unpicked about 27 million miles of quilting on my DQS after pebble quilting looked like total ****

  2. Beautiful fabrics, beautiful work... thanks for all the lovely photos!

  3. Three bees? Good for you - that's one way to stay busy! I love your string block, and your DQS block is looking fantastic, too!! I adore your selections for Lily's QAL, I need to work on that a bit myself, glad to hear it came together quickly :)

  4. All of your work is beautiful. I especially like the sampler doll quilt!

  5. That's funny that you tried to brush your daughter's teeth with diaper cream, because one time my sister-in-law (who does not have kids) was babysitting my daughter, and she accidentally put toothpaste on her butt instead of diaper cream! We still laugh about that.

    At any rate, your Lily's QAL is looking great. Rest up! : )

  6. I didn't know about the lily quilts quilt along until i read your blog, and I'm so tempted! Love your block! The string block is sooo pretty too! Good luck with the quilting. :)

  7. Still no picture of the elusive center block? Really? How much longer must we all be in suspense??

  8. I love your block, I saw it on Flickr as well! Wow, 3 bees, you're very ambitious! I'm sure you're learning a lot from making all different kinds of blocks, though. I joined my first bee in January and didn't really think much about it beforehand, but I'm learning so much and being challenged each time.

  9. Haha that diaper cream incident sounds like something I'd do LOL... Definitely time for you to take a rest! :)
    I love that fabric for your bee block too! Everything is looking great.

  10. Now that was really too tired! I do hope you've had a chance to get some good rest in by now. I love how your sample block for Lynne's QAL is looking - oh I am so tempted! But right now I've got to get the DQS done, two donation quilts for guild, and a kitchen swap done before I even think about starting something new. Luckily, I've been strong where the Bees are concerned, otherwise I'd be brushing my teeth with who knows what!

  11. Test block is fab & I love that your are on the road to completing the back of a quilt before the front. Just how awesome it's going to be when the front is done and U realize that U can baste ASAP!

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