Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I've Been Up To (Hint: Not Much)

Unless you count coughing, blowing my nose and not sleeping, I haven't done much this weekend. I detest being sick and this is the second cold I've had in as many months. Child in preschool (aka germ petri dish) + two daily trips on public transportation (aka another germ petri dish) have conspired against me.

I did get a wee bit of sewing done last night before I coughed my head off all night long:
The Fresh Air HSTs are assembled into 4 placemats! And they're quilted! Yay! Just need to bind these babies and we'll be all set. That is indeed black batting that you see - Hobbs makes a black batting which I love for darker-coloured fabrics.

And I got the confetti/sewing machine cover pieced too:
I had to unpick a couple puckery seams, and they're not sewn up again but it's done. Putting it together was like a fun puzzle, putting bits here and there so that it all fit in something of a regular shape. It's about 20"x18".

So I have a dilemma - I was planning just to drape this over the machine and add a couple ties to each side to make it into a sewing machine cover. But it's too small as-is to cover my machine. Should I add some borders in the white fabric and continue with the plan, or keep this as-is as a stand-alone wall hanging and make a different cover that actually fits?

Decisions, decisions.

You'll have lots of time to ponder that question, because I'm taking a break while I a) recover from this cold and b) participate in a week-long intensive training course for work (there's even homework!!). See you soon!


  1. Boo hiss, another rotten cold! I hope they go easy on the homework so you can get some sleep. Poor you! Hot water, lemon & honey (tastes so much better than Buckley's). Be well!

  2. Ugg, feel better!!

    And I really like your HST place mats. Perfect idea and execution! And not sure I have any sounds advice for your machine cover, but I sure do like it a lot!!

  3. Oh, hope you feel better soon. The placemats look great - and black batting?! Wow, I've never seen that! For the machine cover, I guess I would probably add white borders. It's very cool!

  4. Hope you're feeling better quickly! Love the placemats... you've given me an IDEA! *lol*

  5. oh you poor thing! Feel better soon, and I hope the course goes well. I love the look of your machine cover and I would probably be inclined to hang it on the wall and make a new one! Great placemats, too!

  6. Hope you have recovered from the icky cold! Love the cover!


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