Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bee Block

I don't know why I let these snowball blocks intimidate me, but I did. I think I got freaked out by the measurements of the white corner squares - they all ended in 7/8" and now that I write it I'm all, "Yeah? And?" Oh who knows what my problem was. Tell me I'm not the only one who psychs herself out unnecessarily! In fact I did it this past week at work when I had to give a little presentation (Fund Accounting - scintillating!) and I got all Impostor Syndrome on myself. Of COURSE it went well.

Anyway, it's done and Christina's quilt is going to be awesome - Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow is really lovely in person.
Sew Buzzy Block for illy23

Speaking of lovely - here's my little one doing her best Blue Steel in today's Fairy get-up. She was REALLY happy with the various pieces of this ensemble which began with pyjamas as a base, and included a playsilk for her hair (dyed at home with food colouring - couldn't have been easier!), the $4 tutu I found her at a thrift shop and her hallowe'en bumble bee wings. Fun!!


  1. what a cutie!!
    That intimidation you speak of is EXACTLY why I'm doing project 52!! I decided I'll never grow if I keep being such a wuss :D This week was zips (and ended up being button holes as well). I can't believe how easy they are - and to think I've been putting off trying them for how long!!??

  2. those blocks look fabulous! oh I'm a real good procrastinator if I'm unsure what I'm doing, or think something's going to be tough! I just swallow hard and jump in these days, and usually find out that my mis-givings were mis-placed!
    That's one cute little fairy ballarina you have there!
    (tomorrow night is nametag night!)

  3. oh right. nametag.
    Love the snowballs, could just pinch those fairy cheeks.

  4. What a sweetie! I love having boys but I sure would love a fairy costume once in while. Adorable:)

  5. Your snowball block looks great! I totally know what you mean about putting off a challenging block - my pickle dish block sat in pieces for months last year!

    Your daughter looks great in her ensemble! Reminds me of my daughter who wore her bee costume with a superhero cape and piglet ears to become "Super Bee" last week.

  6. Those snowball blocks are awesome! They look great!


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