Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rolling Rack to Workspace (aka I CAN USE A DRILL, BABY!)

Ahem. I am SO PROUD of myself. Like, really, really proud.

When we reconfigured our place to accommodate our kid (and I lost my sewing room), I moved into our den, and had to change up how I stored things. Enter the wire shelving rack. It looked like this (minus the castors):
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And off I trekked to IKEA to pick up some castors and a desk top that I was going to brilliantly convert into a pressing station. I bought my castors and brought them home. They didn't fit? You know why? Because I didn't have an Antonius cart from IKEA, I had an elfa cart from The Container Store! Yeah, and the Container Store is only in the USA. 

But I had my heart set on a rolling pressing station, so I made one myself! I bought plywood and had the lovely fellow at Home Depot cut me two pieces so I could make a base and a top. After covering the top with a layer of Insul-Brite and some fabric (love you, IKEA textile department!), I attached the top by repurposing some conduit attacher bracket thingys, and USING A DRILL (can you tell I'm proud of myself?). 

The stupid elfa cart had some weird little feet on it so I had to fiddle with the base using a winning combination of: Dremel tool, hack saw, hammer and chisel. I then attached some castors to the base (ALSO USING THE DRILL).

Now I have a rolling pressing cart that also stores a lot of crap. Everyone wins!

Psssst! Next post is my 100th. Stay tuned for (what I hope is) a nice giveaway.


  1. you rock! That is a fabulous rolling pressing cart you've made. wahooo!!!

  2. You DO rock,I mean roll, Felicity! Very impressed....

  3. That's a great idea: Antonius(ikea) fits in under my worktable already! I press on the opposite side of the table from the sewing machine... but I could roll out an ironing surface instead.

    My fabric stash is on shelves, but I was thinking (today!) of getting wire bins for my yarn! I wonder if this is serendipity?

  4. You should be proud of yourself, that is an amazing idea and space-saver!!! Woohoo!

  5. That is brilliant! I love the idea!
    Why to use a drill. :)


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